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Blended Learning - Covid Education

Blended Learning

If you find that your child is unable to attend school due to the impact of the COVID virus - isolation or a positive case - then please access your year group's page below.


This work is structured to meet the needs of our children, relating and blending with the learning that they are doing in class. With English this relates directly to the genre of writing that the children are currently learning.


If your child is not unwell and simply isolating in order to keep themselves and other's safe, then there is an expectation that they are engaging with work as best they can. We recommend that most work is completed through your child's Kidblog account so that it is easily accessible to the teacher. We would prefer the work to be on here rather than through Dojo Portfolio. Maths can be completed online or printed out and when they are brought into school, then we will put their work into their Maths folders. This will also give us a clear understanding and tracking of what has and has not been covered due to the virus so that we can put into place what we need to in order to fully support your child in future and ensure that any gaps are addressed where appropriate and possible.


This page is updated every Friday with the following week's work.

Access To work

If you are unable to complete the work through either an online editor, or do not have access to a printer, we are more than happy to post a pack of the work out to you where it is appropriate (e.g. Maths worksheets). In this instance, please can you let either the class teacher or the office know via Dojo or or phone and we will organise this for you. Please also be mindful that there will be a delay in receiving this work as we will be at the whim of the postal service.