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Intent, Implementation and Impact


At Brookfield Junior School we have a curriculum which is designed around our pupils, with an aim to teach through a range of experiences and make their time here memorable and supporting them to achieve their very best in all respects. We endeavour to enable all children to develop their cultural capital by learning about the community around them – their home, their town and the wider world. This supports their development, providing the ability and confidence to take opportunities and make positive choices about their own futures and interests. In short, we aim to help our children to become successful and valued members of modern British society, preparing them for the challenges that life throws our way.


We believe that children learn through immersive experiences and our planning puts an emphasis on this, allowing all children to succeed regardless of starting points and being fully inclusive of all. These experiences often teach the children in a physical and practical manner, seeking to create life-skills and memories that the children will take forward with them and call upon as they grow up.


Our subjects are carefully organised to follow the aims of the national curriculum in logical progressions, adapting where necessary to the needs and interests of the children, for example identifying areas within PSHE & RSE that are relevant to a particular cohort's needs. 


In each subject sub-page below you will find termly Knowledge Organisers which break down the learning that children do in each subject, year-group and term.