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Elizabeth Guyton


I am Liz Guyton, joint Head of Brookfield Infant School – a role I share with Cathy Smith and it is a pleasure to be part of the Senior Leadership Team ensuring our Flourish Federation continues to flourish!

I am also a specialist Reading Recovery Teacher with over 10 years’ experience.

The Flourish Foundation puts reading and writing at the heart of our learning to ensure that all pupils fulfil their full academic potential. Some struggling children require the Intensive Care Unit – this is the Reading Recovery Programme in our school! This intensive daily one-to-one Reading & writing programme fosters rapid improvement in attainment, confidence and attitude to learning – skills that set them on a successful course on which to continue their learning journey.

The Reading Recovery Programme changes the learning behaviour of participating pupils but this has a positive effect on the whole class learning behaviour with learning strategies translated into class for all pupils to access.

As the Reading Recovery teacher I also coordinate a  ‘Building Reading Stamina’ programme throughout the Federation where trained TAs deliver a one-to-one accelerated 10 week reading programme - this equates to 90 extra book read by a pupil and a jump of 6 months + in reading age!

We now have a specialist Reading Recovery Training room on the Junior site which is used for providing training for Teachers, Teaching Assistants, Parents and also to share best practice within our Education Area. 

As a member of the Governor Team, I know that we are very fortunate to have such a supportive and enthusiastic team as part of our Flourish Family!