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At Brookfield Junior School, we believe that it is every child’s right to be able to access the world around them through the medium of language, therefore we promote high standards of language and literacy. Thus equipping all the children with a strong command of the spoken and written word enabling them to listen, speak, read and write confidently for a wide range of purposes throughout their school years and throughout their life.


Throughout the school, alongside our writing curriculum, we follow the ‘No Nonsense’ spelling programme. This teaches spelling in a ‘Little-but-often’ structure which allows children to revisit and review, learn new strategies and securely embed and apply what they have learnt. A variety of strategies are suggested, so that children with different learning styles can find out what works well for them.


English skills are taught through a carefully selected range of high quality children’s literature, which increases their pleasure in reading, and thus raises attainment. Through using a range of picture books and chapter books as stimulus, we teach lessons, which develop the children’s speaking, listening, reading and writing. We immerse the children into the text through Talk 4 Writing including: music, art, drama, discussion and role-play.


Reading is a vital skill for all children to learn and is at the heart of our school’s learning environment. We believe that encouraging all children to read for pleasure through our many reading incentives (RALF badges, daily listening to a class story, weekly Reading Safari, Reading Assembly, and Reading Shed) ensures that the children will become lifelong readers and understand the importance of reading for their future.


Children at Brookfield Junior School understand that reading is a life-skill, which they will always use in their everyday lives, opening up the doorway to learning and exploring the world in which they live.

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