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Friday 26th Feb

Judaism - What is 'Sukkot'?


11:10am - Join in with live Zoom

- Watch the clip below to begin to understand what 'sukkot' is (A Jewish holiday where they spend 7 days in September living in a Sukkot just outside their homes. A chance be thankful and grateful for wonderful things that God provided to keep them safe).

- Look at the pictures of the Sukkots below and discuss how they are decorated and why.


Independent Task to complete at home:

- Make your own Sukkot model using a shoe box/small box. You could collect/draw and cut out leaves to drape across the top. Maybe you have some toy characters you could inside around a table. 


- Make a model or draw your own 'Four Kinds' using paper, plasticine, clay, paint or even real leaves and fruit.

What is SUKKOT?