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Friday 29th Jan

11:10am - Join in with the RE Zoom

- What can you remember about 'Shabbat' from last week?

- Discuss 'Shabbat' and what it is like at home. Watch clip: Celebrating Shabbat in a Jewish home - KS1 Religious Education - BBC Bitesize 

- Children to think about their own lives and what special times they have with their families? Do they happen every week/month/year?


Independent Task to do at home

- Get your tea stained paper from last week.

- Add some Hebrew writing inside. Remember it must be written from right to left.

- Find two sticks, straws or poles and use these to roll the Torah up into a scroll.

- If you want to, you could find a piece of old material (an old pillowcase/t-shirt) and sew the two sides together to make a protective cover for it.