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Friday 5th Feb

11:10am - Join in with Live RE Zoom

- What is it like in a Jewish home?

- Watch this clip to find out more: Meet a Jewish family - KS1 Religious Education - BBC Bitesize 

- What are some of the Jewish things you might find: Mezuzah, a Kidish Cup, Sider Prayer Book, a meat area and a milk area, Kosha food


Independent Task to do at home

- We are going to make our own Mezuzah to put on our bedroom doors. (Jewish families hang them on their front doors and touch them as they walk in and out reminding them of their faith and how special/important it is to them).

- Cut out the Mezuzah and fold it ready to stick together.

- Inside the Mezuzah is some parchment with Hebrew writing from the Torah on. Write something that is special/important for to you to remember on your piece pf parchment (eg. I must always be kind and helpful. I must always try my hardest and never give up. My family and friends are very important to me.)


What is a Mezuzah?