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Friday 8th Jan

Friday 8th January

-  What is 'The Christian Baptism Service'?

- Join in with Live Zoom at 11:10am

- Share PP below

- Watch two, short videos (Part 1 and 2) of a Baptism using the folllowing link 

A Christian baptism (pt 1/2) - KS1 Religious Education - BBC Bitesize 

A Christian baptism (pt 2/2) - KS1 Religious Education - BBC Bitesize 


Independent Activity:

- At school we always act out this ceremony, using a doll, large plastic bowl of water and different children take on different roles. We put a short script together as class and then we film the whole thing to watch and discuss afterwards. 

-Have a go at this at home - you could even set up lots of teddies as all of the visitors/guests who would come to celebrate with the family.