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Keeping your child safe on the computer

At Brookfield we use Hector’s world to help keep the children safe online. All computers in the school have a Hector button that children can click on if needed. We start every year off with an E-safety assembly reminding children of Hector and children extend their knowledge of staying safe online in e-safety lessons (part of the computing curriculum). You might spot reminder Hector posters around the school! Hector can easily be downloaded on your home computer too!

If you want to find out more about Hector and his e-safety friends, or would like to download Hector at home, please visit the link below!

Hector’s World® is a unique cyber safety initiative for teachers and parents to help young people learn about safe online practices and digital citizenship. The core content of Hectors World is the 7 animated episodes featuring Hector the dolphin,  and his friends. Each episode has support material for teachers and parents.

Hector’s World is suitable for children at school, home, in early childhood settings, or community groups that support young children.