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At Brookfield Junior School, our aim is to provide a Maths curriculum where pupils are challenged and stimulated to develop a love and passion for Maths, understanding how the skills learnt transfer into everyday life, and being able to leave KS2 with a secure foundation on which they can enter the ‘adult’ world.




We have high expectations for every child and want them to achieve their full potential. Therefore, we believe that teaching for mastery is essential for children to gain a deeper understanding of the Maths that they are learning.


We use a consistent calculation policy that shows what is taught in each year group and the (various) methods that we can use to approach a mathematical problem. We follow the White Rose Maths scheme of learning and have a concrete, pictorial and abstract (CPA) approach to learning Maths. We strive to teach the children how to differentiate between fluency, problem solving and reasoning, and therefore further develop this level of understanding and mastery. In addition, we use a number of online resources to support the teaching and learning of maths in school and at home including Numbots and Times Table Rock Stars. 




By the end of Key Stage 2, we want children to be able to make sense of the world around them through developing their ability to calculate, reason and solve problems. We aim to support children to achieve economic well-being and equip them with a range of computation skills and the ability to solve problems in a variety of contexts.


Through all of this, we hope to support our pupils in becoming confident mathematicians by providing them with a range of skills to help them flourish in today’s world.



How can I support my child at home?


Take a look at our Maths At Home document, which will provide you with some ideas to incorporate Maths into your everyday lives. 

Future Workshops

What additional workshops would you like us to deliver? Our aim is to provide you with the knowledge and confidence to support your child at home. This could be exploring our calculation policy and the methods that we use, or looking at how we use manipulatives in the classroom.

Times Tables Rock Stars - Guide for Parents

Maths Parent Workshop - 23.03.21

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