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Monday 4th January

Government Expectations are that children complete 3 hours of home learning each day. 


We have provided a few more activities that fit into our timetable in case you'd like to do more.



Here are some general phonics activities that can be used. The PowerPoint includes words that the children can practice reading and there is also a word search that they can complete. 

This links to Monday Phonics PDF.


>Can children remember the rhymes for their sounds? Get them to repeat the rhyme so they remember. If they don't remember, please watch the video below. 


>>Talk about the words wild and plant, do they always have the same meaning, can they mean different things?  How can we remember how to spell these words?


E.g. plant can be a noun (thing) but can also be a verb (doing word).

You can have a beautiful plant or you may want to plant some flowers in your garden.


>>>Discuss the challenge word island and treasure. How many syllables do they have, can you clap the is/land, trea/sure to hear how many syllables there are? How can we remember these trickier spellings?


Activity: Pretend you are stranded on a desert island.


(247) Desert island setting - YouTube

(247) 8 HOUR DRONE FILM: "Islands From Above" 4K + Music by Nature Relaxation™ (Ambient AppleTV Style) - YouTube 


> Watch chosen parts of videos so that children imagine they are actually on the desert island.

>> Can they act as if they have just been washed up to one of these islands and create a video (upload on Dojo so we can see) describing the below:

>>> What can they hear, see, smell, touch, taste?

>>>> Can they complete the provided activity sheet below with as much description as possible? There is an opportunity to extended sentences so look through the sheets provided smiley


Go through the PowerPoint talking about the different continents.  Then label the continents on the map provided.


*If you do not have a printer, the children could do this verbally or they could even have a go at copying the map onto some plan paper (just general shapes, doesn't need to be detailed). 


** Be aware that the continent of Australia is sometimes known as Australasia or Oceania - we refer to it as Australia in school. I realise it says Australiasia on the map provided so if they write that, it's fine.


Extension - Can they label where we live?



*Reading your reading book or a book from home.

**Practice your spellings and try putting some of them into a silly story that doesn't make sense (this helps practise handwriting too)!

***Access BugClub for a wide range of books that we use at school (please message us on Dojo if you need books updated/are having any trouble with this).

****Have a go at the Reading Comprehension below (completely up to you how many you decided your child can complete):

Pease choose the appropriate Level for your child to complete the Pirate themed reading.


*Activity: Go around your house or garden and find shapes that match the shapes in the PowerPoint. What do you notice about them? 


>> How many sides do they have?

    How many corners do they have?

    What are their names?

    Which shape was the hardest to find in your house...?

    Which shape did you have the most of in your house?