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We believe that music is an essential part of life and a vital part of developing the “whole child”. Learning music develops all aspects of a child’s learning, from the physical action of playing an instrument, to the mathematical skills needed to keep a beat or play a rhythm. These abilities are directly transferable to other areas of the curriculum, allowing them to flourish with confidence, and will be invaluable in their future life.


At Brookfield, we have whole-school weekly singing assemblies led by our music specialist, Mrs Board. As well as this, throughout the year Mrs Board works with specific year groups and teaches them a whole plethora of songs, for example Year 3 learn the Mary Poppins soundtrack and Year 6 learn songs from World War Two.  The children then have the opportunity to perform their pieces to their parents and the rest of the school.  


Year 4 also have violin lessons on a weekly basis for the entire year. In these lessons, the children learn to read music, play a violin solo and as part of a group and they learn skills for performing.


We also encourage children to pursue and nurture their musical talents outside of the classroom, too.