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Children in Panda Class will be initially be using the bar model method of division, then moving onto doing repeated subtraction on the number line when confident. If you or your child is not confident on teaching the repeated subtraction method, stick with the bar model method.

Initially look at a number sentence with your child and label what each part of the number sentence means. The operation is divide- this means shared between equally. The first number is how many items you have to share and the second number is how many groups to share it into. We work out the answer by counting the number in one group. To check we have shared correctly we check each group has the same number in it. If the numbers are different then go back and check your calculation. If your child is unsure of this then you can always practice practically using whatever items you have to hand i.e. dried pasta, small toys etc. 


When your child is confident move on and model the bar model with them as shown in the link above. Practice this method using some of the questions provided.

Now your child is confident in using the bar model method, we can move onto doing repeated subtraction. Encourage your child to use a ruler to get a straight line. If your child is not confident then stick to the bar model method. Have a go at some different questions from L1 then if correct move onto the trickier true and false ones for this lesson. 

Now we are moving onto word problems. Encourage your child to make an instruction list for tackling these. It should go something as follows:


1. Read question.

2. Circle important info- look for text clues as to the operation such as share/divide etc.

3. Create number sentence.

4. Solve number sentence.


Have a go with a few together.

Your child should now be confident with solving division problems using one of the given methods. These questions are more of a challenge which requires them to think about how to solve it to get the answer.