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At Brookfield Junior School, we are passionate about delivering a high quality PE curriculum that gives children the opportunity to apply and develop a broad range of skills which they can apply to a variety of different sports. We believe that all children should have the opportunity to take part in physical activity on a regular basis to become more physically confident and competent.  Through a range of sporting opportunities, our aim is for children to develop a love and enjoyment in sport which is accessible for all. Additionally, we educate the children about the implications and impact that sport and physical activity has on both their physical health and mental health and how both these will affect their overall well-being.


During PE lessons at Brookfield, children are given the opportunity to assess their own achievements against the bronze, silver and gold learning outcomes. This enables children to reflect upon their learning and achieve their full potential.


We strive to give the children the opportunity to compete in inter-school and intra-school competitions to develop greater confidence, team work, respect and determination. It is also essential that we create sporting leaders who organise and lead sporting activities throughout the school year. By giving children this responsibility, we hope that they learn the importance of communication, perseverance, team work and organisation.


At Brookfield Junior School, we are proud of achieving the School Games Bronze Mark award for commitment, engagement and delivery of competitive school sport in 2018/2019.‚Äč