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Ramadan and Eid

For Parents Info: Ramadan is the period of a month where Muslim people fast in the daylight hours to remind themselves of those who are less fortunate then themselves and as a spiritual reflection. Eid is the celebration at the end of Ramadan where families come together to celebrate the end of Ramadan. Often there are large parties with lots of food.


Watch the linked video below with your child.

Pause the video if needed to check for comprehension- for example, does your child know what fasting might mean?


At the end of the video your children should be able to answer the following questions to show their understanding of the main learning points.


What happens at Ramadan? (Muslims fast in the daylight hours for a month and try to give up bad habits).

Which month does Ramadan fall on? (The ninth month of the Islamic calendar).

Why do they do this? (To show devotion to god and think about those less fortunate then themselves).

What is the name of the Festival at the end of Ramadan (Eid).


If your child is unable to answer the questions go back through the video again to see if you can find the answers.



Explain to your child the task- to plan your ideal Eid Party Invite- this will include activities, and food BUT Muslim people have special rules around food.... We don't want to offend anybody at our Eid Party.


Look at the Halal PPT

So now to make your Eid Invite. Fold a sheet of A4 in half.


On the front you can write your invite: 

Don't forget your name, date, time and location!


I.E. Mrs Burton invites you to her Eid Party

This Saturday (28th November) at 1pm

My house!


On the inside first page you can write your menu- Think carefully about whether your food is halal- no hot dogs!


I.E Starter: Tomato Soup

Main: Chicken nuggets and Chips

Dessert: Chocolate Cake


On the Second inside page- What activities might you have?


I.E bouncy castle, magician etc.


Labelling diagrams would be fabulous.


Feel free to add as many illustrations, colour and additional info as you want.


I look forward to seeing your creations on Dojo and if you would like it recorded in your Re books you can of course bring it in after isolation ends and I will stick it in your books for you. :)