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Remote Learning


On occasion, although not the ideal, your child may end up having to access remote learning. This may be as a result of a bubble closure, individual isolation or even whole school closure. If your child is off school for a COVID related issue but is not unwell, they can still, and are expected to, learn from home! 


The following documents and links are all designed to support you in this step. We are well aware that it is not easy and that nothing will quite match the quality of physically being in school - for both a child's social wellbeing as much as their academic. However, we are striving to work together with you to create as good a system as we can, that will support both you and your child.


Since we first started with remote learning back in March it has come on a long way.  Your input is invaluable for us and if you have any feedback that you wish to give (or positive praise - that is always welcome!), then please feel free to do so, either in person or using the link at the bottom of the page.



This document outlines what you can expect from us:


Please click on the link below for direct access to year group specific Remote Learning:



Year 1                                                        Year 2

Year 3                                                        Year 4

Year 5                                                        Year 6

Additional Work:


We are confident that what we are providing will support your child's learning well whilst also being of a manageable quantity. However, if you would like access to further resources then please click on the links below to the government-run Oak National Academy, which is full of lessons that you can use to supplement our own.


Oak National Academy - Early Years Foundation Stage

Oak National Academy - Key Stage One

Oak National Academy - Key Stage Two

Remote Learning Parent Feedback