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Sir Linkalot Tricky Words

Sir Linkalot

is our new Spelling Program to support children with their learning of tricky words. You can also enter from home, watch the clips, practice saying the rhyme and writing the words. Our children seem to LOVE and extra practice will really help to consolidate the learning of these words.


Username: Brookfield Inf

Password: JFL74Z2


These are the words we will be covering each week:

Week Beginning Words Covered Click on link to go straight to video
8th March love, really, have

Love - Sir Linkalot

really - Sir Linkalot

Words don't end with a v - Sir Linkalot

15th March said, straight, very/every

Said - Sir Linkalot

Straight - Sir Linkalot

Eve, Very and Every - Sir Linkalot


22nd March school, friend, behind

School - Sir Linkalot 

Friend - Sir Linkalot

Behind - Sir Linkalot

29th March  

away - Sir Linkalot

build - Sir Linkalot

few - Sir Linkalot