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WC 9-11-20 Term 2 Week 2- Subraction

This week we will be dealing with subtraction. The children of Panda Class Set will be achieving this using an empty number-line. The children of Rhino Class set will either be using concrete resources or pictorial representations to solve number and word problems.
L1- This is a practical activity to begin with which can be easily adapted to take place in gardens at home if necessary. In Rhino class we will then be pictorially representing the number needed and crossing off the amount required to count how much is left. 

L2- Main activity to be done using class resources. If working from home create some basic number sentences using subtraction.

L3- working through as a group (with parents). Read, highlight, number sentence, solve.

Lesson 4- Remind children, read, highlight, number sentence, solve.