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WC 23-11-20 Term 2 Week 4- Division

Key Vocab- Division, Groups, Sharing, Sharing- Bar, Repeated Subtraction.

Hi there,


Rhino and Panda are currently working on using different techniques in Maths so to make things easier I have split the classes into the above subpages so you don't get muddled in between. 


I am aware that some of you prefer to operate using games etc. to consolidate knowledge therefore I have also updated manga high with some relevant games and will be looking at other games from websites which I will link on this page for you. Please bear in mind that there is a wide range of ability and need across the age group so I have provided a wide range of games, simply select the most appropriate level for your child. - a gentle game for all. - Another harder game due to the time limitations. - another gentle game. - selecting the multliplication trucks. This came can be tailored to suit ability. - This one will require children to think carefully which numbers go into each of the target numbers. How well do you know your 3 times tables. Check your reading records for logins.