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It is important that over the foreseeable future we take time to get fresh air and exercise to help encourage a good family well being. This can be in the garden, driveway or a large open space. The Flourish Federation have put a few ideas and printable sheets below to help supporting getting you and your families outside.

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Fun ideas for the garden

  • Scavenger hunts – using a tuppa ware, bag or box ask the children to find 5/10 things. Then look through the bag with them and discuss colour, shape, size and smells that the environment provides
  • Find me game? – Can you find me something soft, prickly, smooth, hard, bumpy etc. To extend the learning you can choose a few of their favourite items and write about them. Use describing words, make a story up about their favourite items or make up a poem
  • Time – have a few minutes sitting, listening and watching and then talk about insects that may have been seen, birds they may have heard or shapes that they can see from where you are sitting
  • Making potions – Make potions using outside resources such as grass and petals or indoor resources such as food colouring etc
  • Drawing – pencil and paper and draw something from your garden
  • Sticks shapes – using sticks make stick shapes on the floor or draw shapes in the mud with sticks or use sticks and string and see what happens
  • Collage pictures – find things around the garden and glue, cut and stick to make pictures
  • Den building – either making dens using towels blankets, duvet covers in the garden or make dens in the garden for a cuddly toy using sticks, leaves and old garden pots
  • Bug hunting – turn over logs or under leaves or in the bushes and look and see what you can see.
  • Poems, rhymes and stories – have fun and be silly and make poems, rhymes and stories up about what you can see or do in the garden
  • Splashing in puddles
  • Find the treasure – Hide suitable toys around the garden
  • Kim’s game – use a tray and place a number of items from the garden on the tray, cover the tray and take one away without the child seeing and see if they can figure out what is missing
  •  Stick games – hoopla (sticks in the ground, make string circles and play hoopla) knock sticks down sticks in the ground and throw other sticks at them, noughts and crosses lay out sticks and find 2 different colour leaves or objects and play
  • Colouring in nature pictures – printable pictures online
  • Measuring – using tape measures, jugs and weighing scales and start measuring in your garden
  • Clay models – hedgehogs, snails etc