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Week 3 - 8th March

Children will be back in school from this week. If you need any help, please contact us.


Topic - Mon and Wed (Team Building - choose and adapt for home)

Thursday and Friday Maths



What the Class want to know-What is the name of their special book? Who do they have instead of Jesus.


I know that Mohammed is very special in the Muslim faith.

I know that Mohammed is considered a prophet and what this word means.

I know that Muslim people have a special book called the Quran and that these are the words which Mohammed was said to been told by an angel.

Zoom Imput-

STARTER: Talk to children what kinds of messages they might receive. Make a list of these for the children to see. Discuss that a messenger is needed to deliver a message, and when somebody delivers a message from God (who the Muslim people call Allah) the messenger is called a prophet. Explain that Muslim people celebrate a prophet called Mohammed. HA Questioning – can you name a Christian or Jewish Prophet?

MAIN: Explain to the children that Muslim people believe that the angel Jebril came to Mohammed and told him god’s word. Mohammed then told others who decided to live by these words, which were eventually written down in a book called the Quran. This is the Islamic holy text. Show the children a quran. HA- can you name the religious texts for other religions. Explain that these texts are written in Arabic. Watch the video: (12) Story of Quran Revelation - 4-6 age group - YouTube

Follow up: Children to have a go writing Muhammed in Arabic Calligraphy. Explain that this name means “the one praised.” additional support for drawing it.

All: Will know that the Quran is a sacred book and it is written in Arabic.

Most: Will have a go at writing Muhammed in Arabic and labelling their drawing with what it means.