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Week 4- 15th March

Spellings/Phonics - Mon-Wed


Monday - Computing

Purple Mash - Code Chimp

Review what we have done so far. Children should do the following:

  • Change the background.
  • Add 2 Turtles of different colours.
  • Write some code for both turtles - at least 1 should draw, at least 1 should have more than 1 instruction.
  • Include a repeat instruction.


Wednesday - Art

Fantasy settings - Mood

Look at the fantasy settings below.  How do they make you feel? What do you think it is like there? Discuss colour used, what objects they can see and anything else that changes the mood.


Choose their own fantasy setting and decide what mood they want to create. Where will it be? What will be there? What colours will you use? Will they be dark or light colours?


Thursday & Friday Maths


This week we will be assessing the children's retention of the learning so far. We will be briefly revisiting methods on Thursday through targeting questioning and the playing of games to remind children of learning from earlier on in the year and then using both lessons on Friday to complete the assessment. If your child is learning from home then you can work through the revision slides attached and have a go at some of the activity mats uploaded.



What the Class want to know - What stories do they have?

LO: I know some stories about Muhammed

I can retell these stories to others.

I can see what these stories teach us.

I can explain why this is relevant today.


STARTER: Review what we remember about Mohammed. Why is he so important? Bridge to Quran. Discuss the morality stories we grew up with- traditional tales. People from the Muslim culture have their own stories. Watch the video of the ants and the crying camel. discuss the moral of the story. HA Questioning- can you see any similarities to Christian Beliefs of Stewardship. How is this relevant today, endangered species.

FOLLOW UP:  Children to create a poster to save the rhinos/pandas.

All: Will be able to draw pictures on the poster.

Most: Will be able to draw pictures, add slogans and labels to support the message of their poster.

Some: Will do all of the above adding additional information and captions.