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Week 5- 22nd March


Monday - Computing

Purple Mash - Code Chimp

Review what we have done so far. Children should do the following:

  • Change the background.
  • Add 2 Turtles of different colours.
  • Write some code for both turtles - at least 1 should draw, at least 1 should have more than 1 instruction.
  • Include a repeat instruction.

Thursday and Friday Phonics



Thu- Contractions- Explaining contractions.

Discuss the ‘ what can it be used for. Discuss how it can mark a contraction.

Work through the PPT Presentation and discuss.

Play on education city- croaking contractions.


Fri- Contractions consolidation.

Review learning from the previous day.

Work way through the warm up ppt.

If working from home I have attached a contractions work sheet.

Thursday and Friday Maths


This week we are going to be returning to multiplication and division to solve number problems and word problems using the skills we have learnt previously. Rhino will be using arrays and Maths pictures to support their learning while Rhino will be moving onto using an empty number-line to use repeated addition and subtraction to multiply and divide. Please find the planning overview and supporting documents for the week below.




What the Class want to know- What do Muslim People eat and drink?

LO: I know that Muslim’s follow the rules of halal when eating.

I know what these rules.

I can try at least one food from a different culture.

I can start to draw comparisons to other religions (Kosher)


STARTER:  Go through the Halal power-point with the children.

MAIN: Children to take part in food tasting, challenge. Can you try at least one unfamiliar food? What can you taste- is it different to the food you might usually eat. HA Questioning- Why might that be- scaffold if necessary. Different spices/plants grow in different parts of the world.

PLENARY: Children to complete post-it note writing what their favourite food was and why to go in the class re book.