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Week 6 - 8th February

New spellings. Please practice these spellings this week. They will help your child when writing their alien story.



Phonics -  Today we will go through the spellings for this week (see above), talking about segmenting to spell and using drawings to help us remember tricky words. (We will be working through these on the Live Zoom).

Additional Activity: Have a go at practising your spellings at home. 


English - Today we will be thinking about writing our own alien story and gathering ideas on Zoom.


Task 1: Whilst on Zoom - try to jot down/bullet point/write some ideas or draw a picture for who could be in your story, where they live and what could happen to your alien.

See 1 Monday - Alien Story Ideas. pdf

Task 2: Complete or create your own S plan. Once, one day, unfortunately, luckily and finally. What could happen in your story. Try to include adjectives, verbs and adverbs in your plan!

See 1 Monday - S Picture Plan. pdf

Task 3: Video-record your child acting out their plan like we do at school and post it on their portfolio! Make sure you read through to check it makes sense smiley


Topic - Zoom lesson to discuss buttons and the repeat code. We will go through the task together on the Zoom.

Task - Open Free Code Chimp

Add a Turtle and a Button

Children create some code that works when the button is pressed to to make the turtle do a repeat set of instructions.



Tuesday - Today is Internet Safety today so our morning activities will be linked to this.


Phonics -  We will go through this activity on the Zoom - Homophones two and to.

Sentences to write - 

I have two sisters.

I am going to the park.

Go to the hall.

I am looking forward to going on holiday.

I bought two apples today.

Independent Activity - Choose an activity from the homophones pack below.


English - Internet Safety Morning. We will go through the activity on Zoom.

Discuss : How do you stay safe when searching for something online? You could write their suggestions down or just keep it as a discussion. Read the story ‘Detective Digiduck!’ here: Miss Smith will read a story on assembly Zoom.

Discuss together what Wise_Owl tells Digiduck to do when they are feeling unsure about something online. Work with your child to create a ‘Top Tips for Searching Online’ poster, using Wise_Owl’s advice from the story.


Topic - PPA. Music or P.E Activity.



Phonics -  We will go through this on the Zoom -  Explain to pupils that there is another word too which means ‘excessive’ or ‘also’. We use it when we say something or someone is too hot, too cold, too busy, to show that it is too much!

Pupils practise handwriting the word too. Pupils orally create sentences using too.

Fill in sentences with missing words - two, to and too.

Independent Activity - Choose an activity from the homophones pack below.


English - Today we will be thinking about writing our alien stories using our best handwriting and S picture plan from Monday.

The class teacher will model some of their plan but also choose random sentences from the children's plans who are on Zoom.


Task 1: Before Zoom - please rehearse and practise acting out your picture plan. We will be hearing a few of these on Zoom just in case anyone got stuck for ideas on Monday.


Task 2: Children to start writing the beginning part of their story. Stopping to check whether they have used their plans. Children must include adjectives and verbs.


Task 3: Children could create their own book/booklet so they can then be a real author and illustrate each "chunk" of writing e.g. Once upon a time......illustration. One misty, foggy day......illustration. Children will have 5 small paragraphs so could have 5 illustrations to match what is happening in the picture smiley


Topic -  Safer Internet Afternoon

Read the story ‘Detective Digiduck’ here: 

(Story from Miss Smith's assembly.)

Using a cartoon or storyboard app on a device, ask learners to create another part of  the story where Detective Digiduck learns about a new animal.

They’ll need to:

Choose an animal
Choose what Digiduck learns about them online
Show how he makes sure the information is true and reliable

Extension: Learners could also write, draw, perform role plays, or do voice-overs and  create mini videos of their Digiduck story!



Phonics - 


Recap of what we have learned about suffixes.

Relook at the suffixes power point to remind ourselves of the suffixes that we have covered.

Play the great suffix quiz with the children.

Children to complete the adding the er ing and ed castle activity.


Maths - 


Zoom Input: block Charts- Explain what a block chart is. Model making one on Purple Mash 2graph. Then move onto PPT to discuss how we can use these kinds of graph and scales which they might come across.


Follow up: Creating Block Charts- Purple Mash design your own block chart for your car data from last week. 😊


After Break

Interpreting Block Charts- Education City-  Carnival Capers

Extension: Associated Work Sheet if needed.


Topic - R.E


Inside a synagogue.

Chat about what we already know. Introduce new topic for the children- Inside a Synagogue (Whats a Synagogue again.

Watch youtube video: (74) What To Expect At A Synagogue - - YouTube

Discuss what we remember. Reinforce this with the teaching PPT.

Play twinkl game labelling features of the synagogue

Places of Worship: Synagogue Interactive Labelling Activity (


Follow up task: Children can choose a feature or item that they have seen in the mosque and draw it carefully. To help the children I have included a pack of photo props which they can use (As it is saved in pdf format I can not edit it so please be aware some of them are simply Jewish artefacts/symbols rather then ones relevant to the Synagogue so please encourage your children to chose one that is relevant 😊).



All- can draw an item and verbally explain it.

Most- Can draw an item and label it with its name and purpose.

Some- can draw an item and explain what it is and its purpose in paragraph form.




Staff Development Day- Have a lovely half term from everyone in Year 2!!