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Week 6- 29th March

Spellings/Phonics - Mon-Wed

Topic - Science Week


Monday - Eggtastic!

We will be dropping eggs from a height.  Can you protect your egg from smashing? Could you make a parachute using junk from home? Could you create a container for it to protect the egg from the fall? What materials would work well for these things?

Design your container and parachute and get building!


Wednesday - Windy ways

Blowing bubbles - can we explore our bubbles? What direction is the wind blowing? What sizes can you make?

Windy Ways ( 

Thursday Phonics


Compound words

Discuss compound words. Can we make a list of all the compound words we can think of?

Work way through the compound word PPT with children.

If time: compound word splat on phonics play.

If working from home I have uploaded a compound word worksheet for follow on.



Thursday Maths


Today the children will be completing an Easter Themed Activity booklet which will encompass all of the learning which has taken place so far. There are differentiated booklets according to ability.

Thursday Science Week Activity


Today we will be doing magnetic painting. Please click on the PPT presentation for the resources you will need and control click on the picture for an information video if working from home. :)

Friday- Bank Holiday... Enjoy your Easter!!