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Week Beginning 18th Jan

Monday 18th Jan


1:15pm = Topic 

- NO LIVE ZOOM (Miss Bailey is needed to cover staff absence in school)

What is a quarter, half and full turn?

- Use the correct language: forwards, backwards, quarter/half/full turn, left/right (Using the correct language is the key bit of learning needed from this lesson).


- Blind-fold a family member and instruct them around your house, using the correct language.

You could even create a maze on the floor with treasure to pick up or obstacles to avoid along the way, using string, tape, lego, books, straws, playdough. 

Tuesday 19th Jan


1:15pm = Topic 

- Join in with the Live Zoom

- Miss Bailey will model how to attempt Purple Mash Activity (2go)


- Open Purple Mash (username and passwords in front of Reading Records or message Miss Bailey)

- Miss Bailey has set you a '2do'. It's called '2Go' - open it up.

- Allow your child to choose a map and then go to settings to ensure they can have the correct instructing options.

- As your child inputs instructions ensure they write down/record their instructions with their own symbols (Miss Bailey will model how this could look).

Wednesday 20th Jan

(No Afternoon Zoom Session)



(see the PE sub-page for lots of ideas --> PE | Flourish Federation )




Thursday 21st Jan


1:15pm = Topic (Science - Sinking and Floating  /  Materials)

- Join in with Live Zoom

- Zoom Experiment - What will sink/float?


- Design your own Pirate Ship. It must be able to float and of course, needs to be waterproof. What materials would be best for floating? What could you cover it in to make it waterproof? What will you use for the sail?

(You use a cereal box and cover in a waterproof plastic bag/foil/cling film).

Friday 22nd Jan


1:15-1:30 = Guided Reading

- Join in with the Live Zoom lasting 15-20 mins.

- Children just need themselves. We will do lots of talking and discussion about books or short extracts from books.


The rest of Friday afternoon is usually our Golden Time in school where children can choose their own activities to complete. If they have worked hard on something and it is good quality they could 'Show and Tell' it in our Story Time Zoom at 2:45pm.