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Week Beginning 1st Feb

Monday 1st Feb


1:15 = Topic (Space Research)

- Join in with the Live Zoom 

- How can we safely search for information on the internet?
- What should we do if we come across something unsafe on the internet? 


- Children to use 'Kidz Safe Search' (KidzSearch | Safe Search Engine for Kids) to find out about Space. They could type in 'Space', 'Solar System' or 'Planets' and scroll down until they see a website with pictures and some words.

- They could watch some videos to help them learn using the KidzTube tab (KidzTube | Safe Videos for Kids ( 

- Can they find out one or two facts about Space to bring to the afternoon Zoom session tomorrow?

Tuesday 2nd Feb


1:15 = Topic (Space)

- Join in with the Live Zoom 

- Watch clip to learn about The Solar System: SOLAR SYSTEM - The Dr. Binocs Show | Best Learning Videos For Kids | Peekaboo Kidz - YouTube 

- Children to create their own model version of the solar system using different sized balls/any circular objects they can find at home. (Remember that the Sun is the HUGE ,Jupiter must be the biggest and Mercury the smallest).

- Label each planet.

Wednesday 3rd Feb

(No Afternoon Zoom Session)



(see the PE sub-page for lots of ideas --> PE | Flourish Federation )



Thursday 4th Feb


1:15 = Maths and ICT

- Join in with the Live Zoom 

- What is our new Numbots Maths Program?


- Log onto Numbots, using your new username and password. They can be found on your child's 'Dojo Portfolio' Section. (If you can't find this area, let me know and I will send you a photo via the private messaging section).

Friday 5th Feb


1:15-1:30 = Guided Reading

- Join in with the Live Zoom lasting 15-20 mins.

- Children just need themselves. We will do lots of talking and discussion about books or short extracts from books.


The rest of Friday afternoon is usually our Golden Time in school where children can choose their own activities to complete. If they have worked hard on something and it is good quality they could 'Show and Tell' it in our Story Time Zoom at 2:45pm