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Week Beginning 1st March


All activities based around the book 'The Ugly Five' by Julia Donaldson


Monday 1st March


1:15 Join in with Live Zoom = GEOGRAPHY

- Where is the story set?

- Where is Africa in the world?

- New learning and vocabulary for today/this week = equator, continent, climate, landscape, 

- Watch clip about Africa: Go Jetters - Continent of Africa - BBC Teach (scroll down and watch first clip titled 'Africa).

- Watch Clip for real-life images of Africa and some important names for your map: Africa | Destination World - YouTube


- Children to look at an outline of the continent of Africa and draw, colour on and label it to show how the climate and landscapes differs. Children to draw on:

1. The equator

2. The dessert areas

3. The grassland areas

4. The rainforest areas

5. Challenge: Can you label the names of the largest dessert and rainforest in Africa?

Tuesday 2nd March


1:15 Join in with Live Zoom = SCIENCE

- What animals live in Africa? Today we are going to classify/group/sort animals.

- New learning and vocabulary = mammals, birds, fish, insects (we will NOT be introducing reptiles and amphibians at this point).

- Sort some animals with Miss Bailey and then continue on your own.


--> You will need to have printed the animal pictures for this task. If you don't a printer, try this interactive game (your child will need some support with this though - a great opportunity for you to have discussions with them) : Sortify: Animals - GameUp - BrainPOP.

Animal Classification Song

Wednesday 3rd March


(No 1:15pm Zoom Lesson. You can still join in with the 2:45pm Story Time zoom though)


PE - Head to the PE sub-page for ideas -->  PE | Flourish Federation (



Thursday 4th March


1:15 Join in with Live Zoom = SCIENCE

- What do the African animals eat? Today we will look at some features of animals (eg. teeth, claws, tongue etc) to make guesses as to what they might eat.

- Recap previous learning and vocabulary = herbivores, carnivores and omnivores. (What do they mean? Watch this clip: What types of food do animals eat? - KS1 Science - BBC Bitesize)

- Look at these pictures of animals and discuss what they might eat. How do we know?

Friday 5th March


1:15 Join in with Live Zoom = GUIDED READING

- Children just need themselves. We will do lots of talking and discussion about books or short extracts from books.


The rest of Friday afternoon is usually our Plan, Do and Review Time in school where children can choose their own activities to complete. If they have worked hard on something and it is good quality they could 'Show and Tell' it in our Story Time Zoom at 2:45pm