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Week Beginning 22nd Feb

Monday 22nd Feb


1:15pm - Join in with live Zoom - DESIGN TECHNOLOGY (Day 1 = Planning Stage)
(Miss Bailey will introduce the learning outlined below)

- What is DT?

- What is the Design Criteria?


To deign, build and evaluate a Space Rocket

It must have:

  • An opening door
  • A window
  • Detachable fuel and booster tanks


- Look at some previously made space rockets and discuss what materials have been used, what looks like it worked well and what could be improved.

Questions to discuss with your child to help them think things through and plan successfully:

- Think carefully about what we could used for the body of rocket? (toilet roll tube, plastic container, something from your recycling bin)

- How could you make an opening door? One side will need to stay attached.

- What material would work best for a window? (It needs to be transparent). How could you cut out a window safely?

- What material could you use that would be able to create a detachable part? (blue tac/paper clip/hook etc)


Miss Bailey's Plan

Tuesday 23rd Feb


1:15pm - Join in with live Zoom DESIGN TECHNOLOGY (Day 2 = Making and Creating Stage)

- Share some ideas and plans

- Look back at your design from yesterday - Are you still happy with it? Have you collected all of the resources and materials you need? Does your rocket contain all of the design criteria?

- Quick discussion about how to be safe when cutting the window and door.


- Please remember to take photos of your child during and after the designing process. If things go wrong during the making stage, that is fine and it is important to let your child think about ways to overcome the problem themselves. They may have to change their idea slightly and these are all important lessons to learn. (Please let me know if your child manages to solve a problem or investigates/experiments with something first before going ahead with using it - these are great skills which we would normally keep note of in school).



Wednesday 24th Feb


(No 1:15pm Zoom Lesson. You can still join in with the 2:45pm Story Time zoom though)


PE - Head to the PE sub-page for ideas -->  PE | Flourish Federation (



Thursday 25th Feb


1:15pm - Join in with the live Zoom Lesson  DESIGN TECHNOLOGY (Day 3 = Evaluating Stage)

- Children to share and show their final designs. 

- Discuss what went well and why they think it worked so well (lots of discussion about materials)

- Discuss what parts didn't work so well and how might they change it for next time.

- Introduce the Evaluating Sheet. What does evaluating mean?

Friday 26th Feb


1:15 Join in with Live Zoom = GUIDED READING

- Children just need themselves. We will do lots of talking and discussion about books or short extracts from books.


The rest of Friday afternoon is usually our Plan, Do and Review Time in school where children can choose their own activities to complete. If they have worked hard on something and it is good quality they could 'Show and Tell' it in our Story Time Zoom at 2:45pm.