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Week Beginning 25th Jan

Monday 25th Jan


1:15 = Topic (History)

- Join in with the Live Zoom 

- Who is Christopher Columbus?

- Share PowerPoint below
- Watch clip to find out more Who was Christopher Columbus? - BBC Bitesize


- Draw your own map of the world (the rough outline), make a little puppet character of Christopher Columbus and his three ships (The Nina, The Pinta and The Santa Maria). Act out the story of his life, his expeditions and his findings.


Tuesday 26th Jan


1:15 = Topic (Geography)

- Join in with the Live Zoom 

- Look at a map of the world on Google Maps, discuss the temperature/weather in different parts of the world. Talk about the 'Equator' and how it can help us to understand the weather.


- Complete worksheet below. What would explorer Christopher Columbus need to take with him if he had travelled to these three parts of the world? Think about what the weather/temperature is like in these parts of the world.

-You can write or draw things he would need to take

- Challenge: write sentences on the back to explain 'why' he would need certain things.

Wednesday 27th Jan

(No Afternoon Zoom Session)



(see the PE sub-page for lots of ideas --> PE | Flourish Federation )



Thursday 28th Jan


1:15pm = Geography

- Join in with Live Zoom Session

-  Let's find out more about the continent of America that Christopher Columbus discovered (even though he didn't realise).

- Look at World Map, zoom into North and South America.


- Children to go onto Google Maps, set it to 'satellite view', find North and South, identify a human and physical feature and zoom in to find out what it is.


Friday 29th Jan


1:15-1:30 = Guided Reading

- Join in with the Live Zoom lasting 15-20 mins.

- Children just need themselves. We will do lots of talking and discussion about books or short extracts from books.


The rest of Friday afternoon is usually our Golden Time in school where children can choose their own activities to complete. If they have worked hard on something and it is good quality they could 'Show and Tell' it in our Story Time Zoom at 2:45pm