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Week Beginning 5th Jan



1:15-2:15 = Topic

- Join in with the Live Zoom Session lasting 15-20mins

- Sort the pictures into the different seasons. You can use my pictures and/or draw some of your own.

- Important learning for your children to grasp about Winter: the temperature and weather becomes colder, the days (amount of day light hours) is less, plants die because it is too cold and there is not enough light, animals hibernate or migrate.


(No Zoom sessions this afternoon)


Music Activities

PE Activities

- Have a go at creating your own Joe Wicks Workout.

- Try mine first (it might give some ideas for your own one)


Warm Up = Arm Circles - 10 forwards, 10 backwards

                = Toe touches - 10 times, rest, 10 more


Main = Knee raises - 10 times

         = Squats - 15 times

         = Jogging on the spot with boxing punching arms - 30 seconds

         = Running on the spot as fast as you can - 15 seconds

         = Star Jumps - 15 times, rest, 15 more

         = Kangaroo Hops - 15 times, rest, 15 more

         = Climb the rope as fast as you can - 30 seconds


Cool Down = Stand up straight, swing arms side to side then swing round body

                   = Lay down with hands above your head. Breathe slowly

                   = Give yourself a BIG clap!!!


Keep safe and keep up the exercise!




1:15-2:15 = Topic

- Join in with the Live Topic Zoom lasting 15-20 mins

- Share PowerPoint about 'Animals in Winter'

- Design a Poster with the three words from PowerPoint in the middle (Hibernate, Migrate, Adapt). You could explain what these words mean and/or draw animals which hibernate, migrate and adapt.



1:15-1:30 = Guided Reading

- Join in with the Live Zoom lasting 15-20 mins.

- Children just need themselves. We will do lots of talking and discussion about books or short extracts from books.


The rest of Friday afternoon is usually our Golden Time in school where children can choose their own activities to complete.