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Year 3 - Hippo & Tiger

 Welcome to Year 3 

Hippo and Tiger Class




Term 6

Week Beginning 20th June

What a great week we have had!  The children in Hippo class have had buddy lunches with the year 2s (Tiger class will do so next week) and we have had a great science lesson looking at the function and parts of a flower.


The children have finished our unit on time in maths, but please continue to practise this at home as it is an important life skill.

 The children have worked hard creating their own mixed up animals for their writing - we look forward to finding out all about their creations when they write their non-chronological reports next week.

Week Beginning 6th June


What a great start to term 6 we have had. The children we brilliant on Sports Day and showed great team work and enthusiasm the whole day.  We were also lucky enough to have a magic show today linked to how we can solve problems in our world - I am sure the children will tell you all about it!

Term 5

Week Beginning 16th May

This week we have been learning to tell the time!  We are getting pretty good at o'clock, half past and quarter to/past.  


In English, we have finished our shared writing of a portal story and are looking forward to our final writes next week.


Science was fun looking at different plant stems and learning about their function.

Week Beginning 9th May

This week we have completed our learning on fractions in maths, and in English we have been writing setting descriptions for our portal stories.


In science we had fun exploring the roots of plants and their function.  We created our own roots using wool to replicate the root structure.

Week Beginning 2nd May

What a fantastic week we have had!  The children really enjoyed themselves at Living Land and were wonderfully behaved - a real credit to the school.  


We have started our portal stories in English, so get the children to look out for examples of when characters go into other worlds in books, games and TV shows as it will give them ideas for their own writing!

Week beginning 25th April

We begun this week by learning how to play Quiddich. The children  developed their dodging skills to avoid the beastly bludgers and became comfortable running with the quaffle to score points for their team. The children (and adults) had a wonderful session and look forward to continuing to develop our Quiddich skills are the term progresses.


After our Quiddich session, the children explored different ways of running. We tried running without bending our knees, running with heal-flicks, running with big strides and running without moving our arms. The children decided what techniques were best to help them run.


In Maths, we have been exploring fractions of amounts. The children used equipment to help them share out totals into the fractions required then grouping to find an answer. It has been a brilliant week of hands-on learning and the children have all made so much progress in their understanding.


Week beginning 18th April 2022

How lovely to see all of the children back to school this week after the Easter break.  We have continued our work on fractions during maths, and took our learning outside to create a fraction number line. We have been using times tables games to help us learn and practise our times tables recall.


In English we have been using our Mighty Writers mat to practise our writing and develop our sentences. We have also finished our imitation write based on our text 'Do you want to be a pirate?' and written about something we want to persuade people to be - there have been some great ideas!



Term 4

Week beginning 21st March

In English, we have been developing our persuasion skills and considering different techniques (such as exaggeration and rhetorical questions) that we can use to help us influence people's thoughts.


In History this week, we have been learning about how the Ancient Egyptian's mummified the important people following their deaths to preserve their bodies as they passed over into the afterlife. We have considered the impacts and influences mummification has had on the world today, such as medicine and food preservation.

Week beginning 7th March


This week, we had a visit from a group of people from Chatham Dockyard. We took part in a science workshop all about light. We started off thinking about all the different things that produce light before considering how our eyes work and allow us to see. We began by working with a partner - one of us covered our eyes so we were in darkness, while the other looked closely. We then removed our hands and saw how the pupils get smaller when the amount of light increases.


We found out how light travels and that different coloured materials absorb light. There are three primary colours of light - blue, red and green. When combined, these create the secondary colours of light magenta, cyan and yellow.


We spent time working in a small group exploring for ourselves how light travels. Using prisms, we were able to split light from one singular beam in to more.

Week Beginning 28th February:


We started out the week dressed as our favourite book characters. We enjoyed showing off our costumes to our friends and other children across the school in assembly. We then spent the afternoon taking part in some different reading activities to develop our love of reading.


On Wednesday, we came to school dressed as Egyptains and spent the day learning all about life in Egyptian times - it was amazing.


On Thursday, we talked about healthy eating and how we need a balanced diet to keep our bodies healthy. We explored different food packaging and learnt how to recognise what was in the foods and the different food groups they contained.


We finished the week learning about the properties of materials and sorted them based on their ability to allow light to pass through. 

Week beginning 21st February


This week, we have been exploring measures and had the opportunity to get hands-on measuring items are around the room. We have then used our understanding of equivalent measure to convert from mm to cm and cm to m.


In Science, we are learning about light. After considering the different sources of light we know (and some we didn't know), we used torches to create shadows. Once we had discovered how shadows are created, we drew diagrams to explain this to others.


We have begun our new History topic - Egyptians - this week and started out by looking at different sources of information. We had to consider what type of sources we had, what it might have been for, who would have used it and whether the source would be reliable or not.

Term 3

Week beginning 7th February


This week, we have been using the Mighty Writers board in our classrooms to help us build up sentences - adding detail to make them more interesting. We spent time talking about the different words we can add and change in our writing to develop our ideas.


In Art, we have been using wool to weave different patterns following plans we had made. We considered how we could twist and plait the wool to make different patterns. It was really tricky to begin with but we all persisted and had a wonderful time!

Week beginning 31st January 2022

Following a bumpy end to Term 2, this week we attended a magician's show as our Christmas party treat. The children enjoyed watching (and taking part in) some amazing tricks! All of the children were hooked on the performance and tried to figure out just how they were possible.


In Maths, we have been learning about money. The children have been exploring the value of coins - making different amounts, finding totals and calculating change. As our world moves towards a cashless society where 'tapping' is the major method of payment, the children enjoyed practical tasks to widen their understanding.


Week beginning 24th January

This week we have finished writing our own fables in English - I am sure the children will be excited to share their ideas with you.


In maths, we have completed our unit of multiplication and division, and are now starting to look at money.  Getting the children to count out coins and note, or working out change would be really helpful.


Science this week was looking at skeletons of other animals...I wonder if the children can recall the correct words for an animal with and without a back bone?


During art, we have been designing and creating out own weaving pattern using concentric circles.

Week beginning 10th January


In Computing this week, we have begun to explore excel and learn the basic functions of a spreadsheet. We worked in pairs and followed simple instructions to add information to a cell.


In English, we continued our learning about fables and have enjoyed considering the animals we will write our own fables about and the competitions they will be taking part in.


In French, we developed our understanding of shape and colour - following instructions to colour the different shapes on the sheet.

Week beginning 3rd January 2022


This week, we have begun exploring fables within our writing. Together, the children have created a picture plan to record the story and retold their stories using actions.


In RSE, we have begun to consider the challenges people may come up against in life and how we can set goals to achieve our dreams.



Term 2

Week beginning 6th December

This week, we have been writing our own diary entries based upon the model text - Tortoise's Diary (the race of The Hare and The Tortoise). We were able to replace key elements of the diary entry, such as the animals and type of competition, to create our own diary entries.


In Maths, we have revisited formal written methods for addition and subtraction. It has been a fantastic opportunity for the children to grow in confidence when using these methods and the break away has shown the knowledge has been consolidated and that the skills have been embedded. 

Week beginning 29th November


It is beginning to look Christmassy in Year 3. We have seen the return of the cheeky elves and as festive feeling has descended across the whole school.


In English, we have been learning a new text - a diary entry based upon the story of the hare and the tortoise. It is written by the the tortoise who has recorded his victorious run. As classes, we have mapped out the story using pictures and then added actions to help us retell the story confidently.


On Thursday, we were treated to a concert in our school hall performed by the amazing Rock Steady bands the children are created. We loved watching our friends in Year 3 perform with confidence and even joined in with the singing - well done!

Week beginning 22nd November

We have had a busy week this week completing mid-year tests - which all the children have approached with such a positive attitude. To reward their efforts, we have spent some down time playing games, dancing to GoNoodle and having fun.


Finally, the Red Ted rewards have arrived and we were able to celebrate with the classes those children who have read 30 (or more) times since beginning Year 3. They received a badge and certificate in recognition of their effort. 


Week beginning 15th November

This week, we have begun exploring multiplication and division - looking at the link between the two operations.

In English, we have spent time writing our own fairy tales based upon the familiar story of Cinderella.

Through hands-on exploration, we have been developing our understanding of forces. Using magnets, we investigated the things around our classroom that are attracted or repelled by a magnetic force.

Week beginning Monday 8th November

This week, we have been consolidating our learning of column subtraction and exchanging when necessary to be able to complete a calculation. We have continued to look at fairy tale in English and finished the week by planning our own fairy tale ready to write next week.


In Science, we have explored the effect different surfaces have on the distance a car can travel and discovered which surfaces create more friction to slow a moving object down.


Term 1

Our English learning follows a Talk for Writing approach. The children love getting to know the model text and adding actions to help them remember the structure. Using this model, they are using the ideas and patterns within to write their own pieces of writing. Our genre focuses for Term 1 have been adventure stories and instructions. We were lucky enough to have a dragon visit the school to support their instruction writing - 'How to Trap a Dragon.'

In Maths, the children have been developing their understanding of place value and using resources and place value grids to help them identify the values within a number. 

At Forest School, the children have the opportunity to learn in the outdoor environment. They use a range of skills to problem solve throughout their morning session and are able to make their own discoveries in learning about the world around them. With the support and guidance of the Forest School teacher engage in a variety of different activities to extend and challenge their understanding.

Week Beginning 27th September 2021

This week we have been looking at soil in our science lesson.  We found out about what soil is made of, and investigated which soils retained the most water.


Week beginning 13th September


Rock Day with Mr Berry


We had a fantastic day learning all about rocks. We began the day by drilling to the centre of the Earth and discussing the different layers we had passed through. Then, we looked at different types of rocks and how we could sort and recognise these based upon their properties. Next, we explored how different rocks and fossils were created  - we even made a fossil of our own. To finish the day, we carried out an investigation to develop our understanding of how volcanoes erupt.