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Year 3 - Hippos & Tigers

  Welcome to Hippo & Tiger Class!

In Tiger and Hippo classes, we have learnt so much this year.


In term 1, we learnt all about the local area as well as kick starting our first topic journey of Rocks and Soils as well as volcanoes. We had an incredible time learning a lot about what the Earth is made of as well as the different types of rocks and their uses in our world. We were lucky enough to have the fantastic Mr Berry come into both classes and teach us all about Rocks.

Mr Berry's Day

Mr Berry's Day 1
Mr Berry's Day 2
Mr Berry's Day 3
Mr Berry's Day 4
Mr Berry's Day 5
Mr Berry's Day 6
Mr Berry's Day 7

We learnt the Earth's structure

Still image for this video
In term 2, we learnt about the origins of Halloween and Bonfire night. We also completed some beautiful volcano art and learnt about the Stone Age. We had so much fun making tools and learning about Stonehenge!

Druid Crowns

Druid Crowns 1
Druid Crowns 2
Druid Crowns 3
Druid Crowns 4
Druid Crowns 5
Druid Crowns 6

Stone Age Tools

Stone Age Tools 1
Stone Age Tools 2
Stone Age Tools 3
Stone Age Tools 4
Stone Age Tools 5
Stone Age Tools 6
Stone Age Tools 7
Stone Age Tools 8
In term 3, we learnt all about Peter Pan and helped create him a new shadow as part of our topic learning. We then went on to learning about forces and magnets.

Looking for Peter's shadow

Looking for Peter's shadow 1
Looking for Peter's shadow 2
Looking for Peter's shadow 3
Looking for Peter's shadow 4
In term 4, We learnt all about the Ancient Greeks. We learnt how the Olympics were first created as well as how the Greeks lived and about their religion.

The Trojan War

The Trojan War 1
The Trojan War 2
The Trojan War 3