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Year 5 - Polar Bear & Sea Lion

  Welcome to Polar Bear & Sea Lion Class

Mrs Prince and Mrs Hanes                                                                       Miss Chinnappa and Mrs Green
Term 3

Welcome to Term 3!


So this term will be quite different as most of the children are learning online. However, we are back into our learning and are so proud of how the children are adapting to change and focusing and engaging, both in school and online. 


In English, we are using Talk 4 Writing and have begun our new topic on Sci-Fi fiction. 


In Maths we will be continuing looking at multiplication and division methods.


At the beginning of the week, the children were introduced to our new star words for English and wrote some lovely descriptions using these new words.

Term 3 Spellings
In English this week we have used drama to help with our understanding of formal and informal language. The children really enjoyed themselves and we have some comical acting and voices! We used the outside classroom space for the 'Queen' to make a speech!

Scientific investigations!


Within our topic of forces, the children have been investigating the effects of gravity and air resistance.

In Geek Club, we have been having a wonderful time. Children have been playing both classic and modern board games and have shared, taken turns and had fun. Each week a group has been exploring role-playing scenarios and using teamwork to accomplish a mission! The children have been delightful and have thoroughly enjoyed themselves (as have we!)

Year 5 Victrix visit- Anglo-Saxon and Viking workshop

Term 2:


English: We are looking at Myths and Legends, which connects with our History topic of the Vikings. Children are exploring the differences between a myth and a legend and will be creating their own! We will then move on to look at magazine articles and how they compare with reports. Children will be able to work in pairs to research a topic of interest before creating their own magazine article.


Maths: This term we focus on Multiplication and Division. Starting with multiples and factors, exploring square and prime numbers and then multiplying and dividing by 10, 100, 1000. Times table facts are important in order to help then children multiply and divide at speed.


Science: This term we are exploring Forces. We will explore how gravity, friction and then using Newton metres and levers and pulleys to experiment. Children will make predictions and then evaluate their findings.


History: We will have the exciting visit from Victrix to aid our learning as we go from the Anglo-Saxon times into the Viking invasions. Children will explore great Anglo-Saxon and Viking leaders this term, how religion in Britain changed and the beliefs of the Viking people.

Welcome to Year 5

It is so nice to have the children back in school again! 



This term we are looking at place value, using the colum method for addition and subtraction, applying the inverse method to check calculations, using rounding to estimate answers and interpreting and presenting data in graphs.



The children will be using Star Words to develop their vocabulary and applying these to informative writing and historical narratives. We will be using elements of the Talk for Writing framework to bring texts to life. Children will also be exploring ways to infer and deduce information from a text using a range or reading strategies.



This term's Science topic is 'Earth and Space'! Children will be exploring how scientist's beliefs about the universe and galaxy have developed over time and understanding the geocentric and heliocentric models. Children will have the opportunity to work in groups and act as the key scientists explaining their beliefs and how they differ from one another.



 This term we are looking at the Anglo-Saxons. Children will explore who they are, where they came from and how they lived. This includes comparing their daily life to now, considering their belief systems and reasons for choosing areas to settle. Children will have the exciting opportunity to design and create their own Anglo-Saxon brooch!


Our long term plans can be found here:


Watch this space for photos of our learning opportunities!