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Year 5 - Polar Bear & Sea Lion

Polar Bear & Sea Lion Classes

Welcome to Year 5

The teachers of Year 5 are Mr Brabner (Polar Bears) and Miss Chinnappa (Sea lions). We are supported by Mrs Green, Mr Lungley, Mrs Langford, Mrs Paice and Mr Fuller.


If you have any questions, please contact us via Class Dojo.



Our long term plans can be found here:



Please find our blended learning page here:

Week beginning 22nd November


The children have all worked really hard this week. They completed a substantial amount of in class assessments in the first half of the week whereas in the second half of the week, all of the learning was very hands on.


We built parachutes in science (to demonstrate air resistance) and finalised our plans for our model Viking long ships. Next session: building them!



Week beginning 15th November

Here are some exciting photos from our week:

Week beginning 8th November


This week the children were incredibly respectful during our Remembrance Day activities. Sidd won a guitar in our Maths Week England competition and the children worked very hard multiplying by 10 and 100 and converting between mass and weight during Physics.



Week beginning 1st November

We've had a fantastic first week back!

Within maths we have started our topic of multiplication and division. We have been very impressed with the multiplication table knowledge of several children. We have also been identifying prime numbers (numbers with only two factors like 17).


In English we have been punctuating direct speech correctly and starting our topic of science fiction.


We have started our science lessons this term looking at forces (gravity, friction and all those sorts of exciting things).


Below: To scale imaginary Viking longboat (23 meters long).

Week beginning 18th October


This week in Maths, we completed our topic of statistics by reading and interpreting tables, two-way tables and timetables. In English, children have been planning and writing their second radio broadcast- these have been brilliant pieces of persuasive writing so far! In History we have been continuing to explore the discoveries at Sutton Hoo and wrote an informative text about our findings.

We all had a fantastic time during the Harvest Festival and the children did a great job.


Week beginning 11th October

This week in Maths, we began our new topic of statistics where we began reading and interpreting line graphs. In English, we were planning and writing our class text using persuasive features. In Science, we have been learning about the phases of the Moon and creating a Moon fact file and in history we used drama to act out the discovery at Sutton Hoo.


Week beginning 4th October

This week in Maths, we have been using the inverse operations with addition and subtraction and applying these to multi-step problems to solve. In English, we have been starting our new genre of a persuasive/ radio broadcast text. Children have learned a new model text and listened to examples of existing radio adverts. In Science, we have continued to develop our understanding of night and day and even began to create 3d models of the Earth noting where all the different timezones are.


We had a blast on Anglo-Saxon/Viking day too!

Week beginning 27th of September

This week has been great!

In maths we have started our new topic of addition and subtraction. We have been using the column method for both.

In English, children used their feedback and advice from their previous story to create their second legend, using all the skills and techniques we have been developing together. We wrote this up on pink paper! 

In Science, we have been learning about night and day and time zones around the world. This would be a great opportunity to discuss this with them.


During P.E. we have been creating our own routines including all the balances we have covered so far and we have begun to ramp up work on our Harvest Festival Performance.


We have also spent some time in the hall in our RSE lessons discussing and completing activities on the subject of responsibility and respect.

Week beginning 20th of September


We've had an exciting week. This week we've continue been working with place value and exploring negative numbers and Roman numerals. In English we have been writing our own legend about a hero and a monster. In Science we have been studying how our solar system functions and even how our beliefs about this have changed over time (with developments in science).


During P.E. we have been continuing with our balancing in gymnastics and within computing lessons we have begun coding our own catching game.


We have also spent some time in the hall in our RSE lessons discussing and completing activities on the subject of kindness and friendship.

Week beginning 13th of September


We've had a lovely second full week back in Year 5! The children have worked hard in all subjects and have demonstrated the school values wonderfully. Within mathematics we have continued our work on place value and ever increasing number values (all the way up to one million!), whilst in English we have begun writing our own stories based on the legend of Beowulf.


In history we had our first lesson of Year 5, where we examined historical artifacts and discussed if they were primary or secondary sources of information. The children did an excellent job. In Netball the children have been practising their passing and shooting and in French we have all been recalling ways to greet each other. Rebonjour!


Week beginning 6th September 2021

We all had a really exciting week. Year 5 visited Maidstone for the Kent Police Schools Open Day.


Displays and activities included:

  • Police dog displays (including the puppies)
  • Crime prevention stalls (staying safe out and about and online including road safety)
  • Lots of blue light vehicles (which children can sit on or go inside) including police, fire and search and rescue vehicles.
  • A visit to a cell in our custody suite.

In maths this week we were rounding to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000. We had lots of fun playing Rocket Rounding.

Within English, we continued our work on Beowulf and created picture maps for the tale, as well as coming up with our actions for the story.


We also had lots of fun creating our own landscapes in art as well as learning all about Earth and space in science.

Week beginning 2nd September 2021

In Maths this week, we have started to explore place value. We have used manipulatives to assist us in our learning.

In preparation of our new English topic of legends, we have been learning our new star words. The children were brilliant and were able to come up with lots of example sentences in which to use our new vocabulary.