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Year 6

Week Beginning 1st March 2021



The following link will take you to the White Rose Maths home learning website, which has video lessons linked to our learning. 


Spring Week 7 - Measurement: Converting Units | White Rose Maths

Use the following learning guides from the National Oak Academy to support our learning:


Human anatomy - Oak National Academy ( 

Art Activity Suggestions 


Here are a few suggestions if you would like to be a little more creative! 


These are a series of draw-along videos to create some well-known characters. 


  • We've already explored Romero Britto and drawn in his style. Draw another image using what you learnt from our previous lessons. 


  • Go on a nature walk and collect a range of items. Create a piece of natural art from the items that you have collected. 



  • Zentangle Art - look at the learning slides and create your own zentangle art!