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Year 6 - Bonobo & Narwhal

  Welcome to Bonobo & Narwhal Class


Year 6 Team drawn by Tiannah Ash

Term Six


Welcome back to Term Six - which is going to be another very strange term indeed. 


Firstly, we want to say a huge well done to all the children and adults at home for a whole term of home schooling.  We have very much enjoyed seeing all of the fun things you have been doing and the work you have completed. Please check out our Bonobos and Narwhals at home link to see what others have been up to.


This term is going to be quite different: some of you will be returning to school, and some of you will stay at home. We want to reassure you, whatever choice you have made, we are still here to support you along the way. Work will be uploaded for those of you at home (on a Friday as usual) ready for the week ahead. We are still available via dojo if you need us, but please be aware as we are back in school, we may not be able to answer your query immediately. 


We are very much looking forward to seeing some children this term, and although school won't be quite the same as before, we are still hoping to have some fun learning opportunities. 


Adults, please make sure you take the time to read the guidance provided by SLT on Class Dojo

and do get in touch if you have any queries.


Stay safe, and in the words of Vera Lynn: "Keep smiling through" and "we'll meet again, one sunny day".


Love, Year Six Team x





Term Five

Welcome back to Term Five - a very different kind of term for all of us.  Although we won't be seeing each other just yet, we hope that you are all keeping safe and well, while also enjoying the extra family time and getting up to lots of different activities.


We will be setting work weekly in the Virtual Learning folder (at the top of this page) for English and maths, and there are other learning activites too to keep you busy.  Now, please be assured that we do not expect parents to suddenly become teachers overnight, and are aware that lots of you are working from home also, so please do not worry if things don't go quite to plan, or if you don't complete some of the tasks.  If you have your own ideas of what you would like your child to do, then go for it!  We are merely trying to provide support for those who wish to use it, and we promise, we will not be offended if you'd rather bake cakes, play in the garden or play a board game instead.


We hope that we will get to see you all again soon, and in the meantime, please stay home, stay safe and stay smiling!


Love Year Six Team x



Term Four

Well, Term Four was a bit of a funny one (ending rather abruptly) but in the short term we had, we managed to have fun!


We started our learning with the spooky Francis, and children wrote some wonderful setting descriptions based on the video.  Ask them to tell you about it - maybe you can watch it together...


Then, of course, it was Book Week!  We had a great time learning about places in Kent and imagining that we were Paddington Bear writing about where we had been.  The children wrote some marvellous letters in character as Paddinton.


Next up was The Highwayman, and what a great day we had when Tim and John from Time Capsule Education came in to teach us about the poem and the grisly facts about real highwaymen.  Did you know that Peneden Heath was a famous hanging site and that highwaymen would have been hanged there? The children spent the remainder of the term using all of the wonderful information and experiences from the day, completing diaires and narratives based on the poem, which were absolutely fantastic!



Term Three

This term the children had their mock SATs, and we are extremely proud of them and their efforts.  We still made sure that the children had lots of fun though!  In the week following SATS mocks, the children have done science investigations, cooking and building shelters.


Term Two

The children have been working hard and over the past two terms have also had a lot of fun.

We were lucky enough to have two fun-filled days of WW1 and WW2 experiences, where the children acted out trench warfare and air raids.  They had a great time and learnt lots that helped them with their History and Geography.


Welcome to Year 6.

Term One

We have had a lovely start to Term 1 with the children.  This term our topic is WW1 and Remembrance.  We will be looking at the cause of WW1 and life in the trenches for the soldiers.  Already, the children have written some great poems - check back soon to see some here!


We are reading Private Peaceful this term by Michael Morpurgo - you may wish to check it out, or read some of his other WW1 themed books.


We are looking forward to our Belgium trip with the children which will give them the amazing experience of seeing trenches first hand and time to explore the memorial cemetaries and museums.


Please do come and see if us you have any queries or concerns - or if you cannot pop in, please use dojo and we will reply as soon as we can.


Year 6 'If I were in the Trenches' poems and art work