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Year 6 - Bonobo & Narwhal

  Welcome to Bonobo & Narwhal Class


Welcome to Year 6! 


Term 5

Week commencing 16th May

This week, we took part in a range of tasks and activities within our lessons. In English, we used the text 'The Explorer' by Katherine Rundell to write a diary entry as one of the main characters. At the beginning of the week, some of the members of the class took part in a 'hot seating' activity and had to answer questions in character as either Max, Fred, Lila or Con. They did brilliantly! 

In French, they had to discuss their favourite sport and use phrases such as j'adore, je déteste, 

j'apprécie and je n'aime pas.

Week commencing 9th May (SATs week)


What a busy week we've had in Year 6! The children have worked extremely hard and we are so proud of their determination and resilience. They accepted every challenge with a smile on their face and have shown excellent team work and co-operation. 


We've had lots of work this week completing an animal collage project, taking part in athletics lessons, learning about play scripts and enjoying a maths related scavenger hunt! 



Maths Scavenger Hunt

Week commencing 2nd May


Although we've only had a four day week, it has felt like we've achieved lots in the short space of time! The children produced some amazing pieces of writing by editing a previous science investigation and then publishing this. They also got to play a game of quidditch in our PE lesson and were able to apply all of the skills they've learnt. 

Week Commencing 25th April 


What a superb week in Year 6! The children have had lots of fun this week during their drumming and science workshops and really enjoyed learning new skills. 

We also had lots of fun in PE this week learning the 'shot put' technique in athletics and how to effectively throw the ball. We then measured the distance accurately using trundle wheels. In Quidditch, we learnt different skills linked to aiming and throwing and how to work effectively as a team. 



Week Commencing 18th April


What a super first week back! It is always such a pleasure teaching the children as they are so enthusiastic and have a love of learning. 


This week, we had lots of fun in our French lesson exploring out new topic all about sports. The children played lots of games within the lesson and then had the opportunity to showcase what they'd learnt to the rest of the class. 



In English, we began our new fiction writing unit by exploring figurative language techniques and how we can use these within our own writing. 

Term 4

Week commencing 28th March


What a fantastic final week of term 4 in Year 6! The children have impressed us so much with their superb writing. They used lots of descriptive language within their traditional tales and should be extremely proud of their hard work. 


In PE, the children had lots of fun using the equipment in our lesson. The children also practised lots of techniques that they had learnt throughout the term. 

In art, we carved our designs inspired by William Morris and then printed these repeatedly. We were able to use all of our knowledge from our initial print to plan our next steps. 

Week commencing 21st March 

We had lots of fun during our maths lesson on Friday working in groups to answer a range of problems. The children particularly enjoyed exploring how many triangles and quadrilaterals there were. How many can you find?


In art, we began planning our print inspired by William Morris. Next week, we will be carving our design and then we will use printing techniques to transfer this onto another material. 

Week commencing 14th March


We've had lots of fun this week extending our knowledge of printmaking during our art and design lesson! The children applied their knowledge of printmaking by creating their own design and then evaluating this. Next week, they will be planning their own design inspired by William Morris. 

In science, we extended our knowledge of light by completing an experiment linked to whether the width of a shadow changes depending on the distance from the light source. They had to be extremely accurate and the used their scientific vocabulary to explain why and how shadows are formed. 

Week commencing 7th March 


The children have worked extremely hard this week learning all about ratio in maths and writing their own discussion texts.In history, the children had the opportunity to research the Suffragettes and then created a single-page spread based on their learning. We are so proud of their hard work! 

On Thursday afternoon, we were visited by a team from the Chatham Dockyard, who taught us all about light! We had so much fun and got to take part and explore lots of new and exciting scientific concepts. 

Week commencing 28th February


This week, the children have been exploring area, perimeter and volume in maths. They've also written discussion texts all about whether or not school uniforms should be banned. In science, the children have been sharing their knowledge of light and learning all about the different parts of the eye. 


In history, the children have been learning about social battles throughout time. This week, the children explored racial inequality and some examples of this throughout history. They enjoyed learning about the Bristol Bus Boycott and the impact of this. The children were then given the opportunity to write a blog linked to their learning. 


The children also had lots of fun on World Book Day participating in a scavenger hunt and attending a 'reading cafe' to find books that they would enjoy reading. 



Week commencing 21st February


What a lovely first week back in Year 6! This week, we've been exploring the difference between metric and imperial measures in maths and how to convert between different units of measure. In English, the children have been finding out what a discussion text is and they've been learning our model text. 


In PE, the children had lots of fun beginning our unit on gymnastics by exploring counter tension and counter balance. The children worked in pairs to create a sequence involving these balances. 



In computing, the children began learning about text adventures and why these types of games are created. Then, we explored a text adventure based on Little Red Riding Hood and the children planned their own. 

Week commencing 4th February


What a lovely end to the term! The children have worked extremely hard and have written some fantastic persuasive letters. They remembered all of the persuasive techniques we discussed in class and used these within their writing. 




In geography, the children used their knowledge of local land use to create their own towns. They used their knowledge from our learning this term to inform their decisions. Many of the children included green belt land to ensure that their towns were environmentally friendly.

Week commencing 31st January 


What a fantastic afternoon we had on Wednesday! The children enjoyed their belated Christmas dinner and also had lots of fun with Mr Fizz the magician! 





In PE, the children began creating contemporary dance routines linked to our prior learning on The Blitz. Next week, we will be extending this and they will be performing these to each other. 



Week commencing 31st January


We've loved conducting an experiment in science this week! We explored how voltage affects the brightness of a bulb and then used our scientific language to explain this. The children also had lots of fun demonstrating how electricity moves around a circuit! 




In geography, we had lots of fun exploring our local area and using Digimaps to help us! We also learnt about six-figure grid references and how to read these. 





Week commencing 17th January 


We've had a very busy week in Year 6! The children have completed their crime fiction stories and they have been such a pleasure to read! They've remembered to 'hug' the model text and use all of the fantastic vocabulary they've learnt to include within their own writing. 







In science, the children have been exploring electrical circuits and how to use scientific symbols to draw a simple circuit. 



Week commencing 10th January


This week, the children have been participating in shared writing linked to our crime fiction writing unit; multiplying and dividing decimals by whole numbers using the formal written methods; and exploring the history of electricity in science. 


In art, the children created their own colour wheels and explored primary colours and then created secondary and tertiary colours using these. 

In computing, the children have been exploring spreadsheets and how to use these to create graphs, explore probability and working out totals using formulas. 

Week commencing 3rd January


What a fantastic first week back! The children have worked extremely hard this week learning all about decimals in maths, crime fiction in English and finishing off our learning on WWII and evolution. 


In art, the children have begun learning all about pop art and how this was introduced after WWII and is characterised as sense of optimism. The children learnt about Andy Warhol and how influential his art was during this time. 



In PE, the children began their new unit on dance by learning a routine and then creating their own. 





Term 2 

Week commencing 13th December


This week, we've continued working on our sewing skills by creating our final 'Day of the Dead' skulls. All of the children worked extremely hard and should be extremely proud of their final designs! They showed lots of determination and team work to support their too. 

There have also been lots of Christmas activities to end the term! The children thoroughly enjoyed their class party and even participated in karaoke! 

Week commencing 6th December


This week, the children have been learning all about different sewing techniques such as, running stitch, back stitch and over stitch. The children worked extremely hard to use all of these stitches as we will be creating sugar skulls inspired by the Day of the Dead! 





In science, the children have been exploring evolution in more detail and how fossilisation occurs. The children had lots of fun researching the evolution of the whale and then recreating this using plasticine. 

Week commencing 29th November 


This week, the children produced some fantastic Anderson shelters as part of their homework linked to WWII! We were so impressed by these and the children loved explaining their designs and the research they had found out about why these had been used. 

We also had lots of fun continuing our exploration of evolution and adaption. The children conducted an investigation to explore Darwin's theory and observations on the Galapagos Islands. We had lots of fun exploring different types of 'beaks' and how effective these would be in collecting seeds. 

Week commencing 22nd November 


We are so proud of the hard work and determination demonstrated by the children this week! We've finished our fiction writing genre of 'flashbacks' and the children should be extremely proud of what they have produced! 


In History, the children participated in a class debate on whether children should have been evacuated during WWII. They discussed many interesting points and used evidence to justify their ideas too. 

In PE, the children used all of the skills they have learnt over the course of the term to take part in a game of tag rugby. They demonstrated lots of team-work, communication and determination. 



Week commencing 15th November 


Another lovely week in Year 6 learning lots of new key skills! This week, the children were visited by Alvin who works as a Magistrate. He spoke to the children all about responsibilities and being accountable for our actions. The children learnt lots of new information and asked lots of very thought-provoking questions! 



We've also been learning about adaptation in Science and exploring how animals have to adapt to their environment. The children were tasked with researching an animal of their choice to explore how it has adapted over time. We found out lots of interesting information and even learnt about how under poaching pressure, elephants are evolving to lose their tusks! You can find the article we explored here: Under poaching pressure, elephants are evolving to lose their tusks ( . 



Week commencing 8th November 


We've been celebrating Maths Week England this week by dressing up like rock stars, exploring maths in everyday lives, completing investigations, competing in England Rocks 2021 and much more! 


On Tuesday, the children took part in an online workshop to explore how joining dots with straight lines can sometimes produce unexpected results!



We also showed our respect on the 11th November by reading poems linked to Remembrance Day. Our Head Students and Prefects were fantastic role models and to our pupils across the school. They were so confident when reading out their poems and have represented our school in the best way possible!

Week Commencing 1st November


What a lovely first week back at school! It has felt like an extremely busy week with lots crammed in but we've certainly had lots of fun. 


This week, we explored jazz in our music lesson and even had a go at playing the chorus using the glockenspiels. The children were absolutely fantastic!



In computing, we began our new block of learning on e-safety. The children were tasked with creating a game to teach others about internet safety and how to stay safe online. 

Term 1

Week commencing 18th October


What a great final week of term 1! The children should be so proud of everything they have achieved this term. Miss Frampton and I (Mrs Matheou) have been so impressed by their determination, resilience and hard work. 


This week, the children created the sculptors that they designed last week. They used all of the skills they had learnt over the past three weeks and reflected on their designs to create a sculpture inspired by Barbara Hepworth. 



The children have also been exploring World War One and Two poetry. We began by researching the different types of poetry and then we looked at figurative language. After that, we identified these features within a poem titled 'The Blitz'. Finally, the children had lots of fun finding out about black out poetry and even created their own black out poem. 

Week commencing 11th October


We can't believe that we are almost at the end of term 1! We have had such a great week learning all about the impact of the Great War in history and Carl Linnaeus and his classification systems in science. The children have also worked extremely hard in maths by securing their knowledge of long division. Additionally, in English, the children interviewed Mrs Black at the beginning of the week and wrote their biographies on her. 



Week Commencing 4th October


This week, we travelled back in time to the Battle of Hastings in 1066 where the children began their battles workshop. The children learnt all about different battles throughout history up until World War II. They loved seeing the different props and reenacting some of the battles. 



We also explored how to classify micro-organisms intro broad groups. We watched a really interesting video about the bacteria carried on our hands! Why not watch for yourself too? Seeing the bacteria carried on hands - KS2 Science - BBC Bitesize



Week commencing 27th September 


We've had lots of fun in art this week exploring different clay modelling techniques. We began the lesson by recapping our learning on Barbara Hepworth and then began exploring the 'score, slip and blend' technique when molding clay. 



In maths, we have been exploring multiplication and how to use the formal written method. The children have worked extremely hard to remember their learning from Year 5 and to apply this to new learning too. 



Week commencing 20th September


Another fantastic week in Year 6! The children have worked extremely hard in English this week to write their own story from another culture. We are so impressed by their fantastic vocabulary choices, neat presentation and creativity. 





In RE, the children have been exploring the following question: 

Is it better to express your belief in arts and architecture or charity and generosity?


This week, the children looked at Muslim calligraphy, painting and poetry and discussed what they found inspiring. The children had the opportunity to create their own calligraphy inspired by the art they explored during the lesson. 

Week commencing 13th September


We've had a lovely week in year 6 exploring classification keys in science, place value in maths and the battle of Maidstone in history! 


The children worked extremely hard in their science lesson to understand and use classification keys. We began by classifying sweets to help us understand this process and then the children classified different animals. 



In art, the children began exploring sculptor and artist Barbara Hepworth and then designed a page in their sketchbooks to explore her work. The children will be using a range of materials to create a sculpture in the style of Barbara Hepworth this term! 

Week Commencing 6th September


We've had a lovely first full week back in Year 6! The children have worked extremely hard in all subjects and have continued to share their ideas and contribute to class discussions. 


In maths, the children have been exploring the place value of digits up to one million. We used place value counters to support our learning. 

In history, we began our new topic of battles by exploring historical sources and evaluating their reliability. The children had lots of fun look at newspaper articles, artifacts, books, letters and diary entries linked to our topic. 

Week Commencing 30th August

We've had such a lovely start to the year! The children have absolutely fantastic and have demonstrated all of our school values. 


The children have already been very busy creative self-portraits in the style of Romero Britto! We explored pop art and how to create vibrant images. 



The children also demonstrated excellent cooperation and determination when taking part in the spaghetti and marshmallow challenge! They were tasked with building the tallest structure.