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Year 6 - Bonobos & Narwhals

  Welcome to Bonobo & Narwhal Class

3rd May 2019


Welcome to our new school website and the year 6 class pages.


What an eventful year we have had in year 6 so far, and we still have the best yet to come!


We began the year with Victorians including a Victorian themed school day, and a visit to a traditional Victorian classroom. Children read 'Street Child and learnt about life in the Victorian times including: workhouses, inventions and the British Empire. Our science including looking at the different inventions that were created during that time.


In term two, we looked at WW1 and read Michael Morpurgo's 'Private Peaceful.'  We used the novel as inspiration for our writing and wrote: diaries, news reports, letters and poems.  We were also extremely lucky to get the chance to visit the Belgium battlefields and find the real Private Peaceful's grave, as well as laying a wreath at the Menin Gate Last Post Ceremony.  We also got to explore real WW1 trenches, which was a fantastic experience.Private Peacfeul's Grave



In term three, we continued with our studies of war, this time focusing on WW2 refugees and evacuees. We looked at how Jewish people were treated by the Nazis and how life changed for them as WW2 began. We learnt about children who were evacuated both from abroad and from the UK.  Our novel was 'Letters From The Lighthouse'. We looked at the human body in science and how the heart works.


After a short break for February half-term, we were straight into book week - the year 6 teachers were crazy enough to dress up every day!


We looked at a picture book this term, called 'Journey' and using the images as inspiration, we wrote some fantastic stories about adventures in magical lands.


Term 4, and the countdown to SATs began.  Around the World in 60 Days was our theme and we began looking at the South American Rainforest.  We started reading 'The Explorer' about a group of children lost in the rainforest.  We had practice SATs and the progress shown was fantastic!


So now we begin term 5, with SATs just around the corner.  We continue with our Around the World in 60 Days moving on to look at animals that are endangered around the world.  Our writing has been plentiful and we have written persuasive leaflets and balanced arguments about animals and zoos, as well as revisiting 'The Highwayman' (one of our favourite poems) to do additional writing in the form of a news report.


Sadly, we said a farewell to Mrs Lowrey this term as she has decided, after 26 years at Brookfield Juniors, that it is time for her to retire and spend some time travelling.  She has lots of adventures planned, and although we will miss her dearly, we wish her all the best for her retirement.


We are very excited for the final months of year 6, with so much to look forward to, including the PGL residential, leavers play and leavers party.