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At the Flourish Federation, our Art curriculum intends to engage, inspire and challenge pupils, supporting children to experiment and explore with a variety of different forms of medias. We aim to give children the skills for drawings and painting alongside gaining experience with textiles, clays, printmaking and sculpture. Art is planned to be taught in a carefully sequenced progression, ensuring children have the language and techniques in using colour, texture, lines, shape, form and space to build on prior knowledge. The curriculum is designed to enable children to think critically, understanding the place art has in history and how it contributes to the culture, creativity and wealth of our nation. 


Pupils will develop powers to articulate observations about the work of a range of artists, craft makers, architects and designers in history. We aim to equip them with skills to become visually literate; to develop aesthetic sensibility to make judgements about art.  This will inspire them to use their own imagination and original thought when creating their work. The curriculum is designed to provide meaningful opportunities to create unique art for different audiences in the school and wider community.


We aspire to make learning a celebratory, immersive and inclusive experience, recognising that Art can be an area of the curriculum where children can truly shine and express themselves. Our teaching encourages opportunities, regardless of cultural capital, allowing them to be fully expressive in their individuality and to take ownership of their creativity and learning at all levels.