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In our Geography curriculum, we aim to inspire children to have a curiosity and fascination of the world around them and its people, through a rich and inclusive learning experience. 


We endeavour to give our children practical experiences, so they learn to interpret a range of features and resources in context, and communicate their findings. Through enquiry and inquiry, children will explore their learning, deepen their understanding and come to their own conclusions based on geographical information. 


We intend to carefully sequence knowledge of human and physical processes, geographical skills and fieldwork, locational and place knowledge which are developed over time. We aim to guide children to understand the practices of geographers by considering how geographical knowledge originates and is reviewed.


We aspire to ensure children, at all levels, access the Geography provision, learning key knowledge to enable them to access future learning. The bespoke planning of our curriculum ensures all children are included and challenged in their learning, providing potentially emancipatory experiences in order to address any social inequalities which the children may face. 


We are committed to providing children with opportunities to investigate and make inquiries about their local area and global heritage, so that they can develop a real sense of who they are, the effects humans have on the world, and the role that they will play in the future.


Quotes from our curriculum council about geography:


  • "I really enjoy geography as we learn about different locations!" Isabelle Y4 
  • "We often learn about the world around us through fun games. I also enjoyed co-ordinates" Freya Y5
  • "I can locate the UK on a map, I couldn't do this before!" Max Y3
  • "I find our lessons exciting and interesting!" Emily Y6
  • "Geography is fun as we get to learn about the world" Grace Y4 

Some of our learning experiences across KS2:

Malling School visit! Year 4 and 5 went to the Malling School to learn around rivers and land use.