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Things you need to know about Forest School

Forest School Association document

Frequently asked questions


-What is the point of Forest School?


The point of Forest School within The Flourish Federation is to run alongside the national curriculum to provide the children a variety of ways and environments to explore and learn from. Forest School gives opportunities for all children to learn, they learn new skills, learn independently, learn about the nature, learn the process of cause & effect, they learn to risk assess and learn how to work as a team. These skills can then be taken back into their classroom environment to effectively support their learning. Children do not all learn in the same way, therefore by The Flourish Federation offering Forest School alongside the curriculum it allows the children to be nurtured, inspired and to achieve.


-What are the children learning from Forest School?


Not only will the children develop a connection with nature, but the children will develop resilience, confidence in solving real world issues and belief in what they are capable of. Forest School does not expect or desire an “end” product, Forest School is about how the children got to that stage or end result. The experience of working through the process as an individual or as a team is inspirational for them but is also inspirational for others to observe. Working through processes of creations can involve solving problems, risk assessing, communication, imagination/creativity, nurturing the environment and physical challenges. There are many more, but these processes are hugely beneficial for each individual. It will allow them to take these processes into their classrooms, so that can they be inspired and achieve more in their learning journey.


-What are the benefits of Forest School?


At The Flourish Federation we know that every child is “unique”, and every child learns in their own way. Therefore, by running Forest School sessions alongside the national curriculum we believe that each child is able to be nurtured and given an inspirational learning experience. It gives each child a new/different way to experience how to learn.  By the Forest School following and facilitating the Forest School Ethos, Principles and SPICES (Social, Physical, Intellectual, Communication, Emotional and Spiritual) it provides opportunities for the children to become creative, resilient, healthy and independent. Therefore, every child that experiences The Flourish Federation & Forest School will be able to thrive and shine from both learning environments.


Since the Forest School has started at The Flourish Federation, over 300 trees have been planted. The children have been actively been involved with planting the new trees, as well as learning to “nurture our nature” (rule 4). The Forest School is actively promoting how to protect our environment around us, for example learning about the environment from looking after the bugs, not littering and building hedgehogs houses. Learning about our environment is part of the national curriculum as well as promotes saving our planet as these children are our future.


-What impacts have the Teachers & TA’s seen in class from Forest School?


Impacts are:


  • Confidence within themselves and their work
  • Children finding their voices
  • Teamwork
  • Changing & developing social groups
  • The knowledge to know that it is “ok” to make a mistake in your work, as long as you try
  • Taking responsibility/accountant ability for their actions
  • Solving issues
  • Independency