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In our Computing curriculum, we aim to give pupils the fundamental principles and concepts of Computer Science, exploring and talking about their ideas, immersing themselves in the digital world around them. This allows children to understand the implication of computing in the real world, and the impact that it has today and in the future.


Through practical experiences, we provide the opportunities for children to write and develop their own computer programs, enabling them to detect and correct errors in algorithms. The benefit of technology is that it facilitates the removal of barriers to learning across the curriculum. Within computing, the complexity of the task can be adapted to individual starting points, meaning all children can succeed.


We intend to carefully sequence knowledge, where skills are built on over time to support children in analysing, evaluating and applying. Learning is broken down into three strands of knowledge: information technology, computer science and digital literacy. Internet safety is woven throughout these and pupils are taught to understand that there is always a choice in using technology. As a school, we utilise technology (especially social media) to model positive use. We recognise the best prevention for the modern issues we see with technology/social media, is through education.

We strive for all children to have the independence and confidence to choose the best tools to fulfil the tasks they want to achieve, both now and in the next stages of their development.