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Our Science lead is Mrs Pring. If you have any questions about Science, please contact her via the school office. 




During our science lessons, we aim for children to develop their scientific knowledge as well as developing different investigative skills through hands-on learning.  Creating confidence in their enquiry skills means we help the children to be actively curious to learn more and explore science in the real world. This allows them to think scientifically and critically about the world around them and promotes lifelong learners. We are lucky enough to have a great outside area and a forest school to support children with this exploration.


As they move through the year groups, our learning is organised to help children to build upon their scientific knowledge and make links but also to develop their scientific and investigative skills to prepare them for greater independence to plan and carry out fair tests as they move into the Juniors. We encourage children to record their work in a variety of ways; through diagrams, charts, labels, photos and writing.


We have a skills-based approach to planning. Taking a 'topic' termly and integrating the below aims with our science curriculum objectives we aim to provide a breadth of understanding of learning that is adapted for the needs and interests of learners, including those with special educational needs, as well as promoting challenge for our more able students. We also aim to expand children’s language by introducing and embedding scientific vocabulary into our ‘topics’.


Engagement (play and exploring)

  • Exploration
  • Connecting ideas
  • Observing & discovering

Motivation (active learning)

  • Involvement
  • Resilience
  • Focus

Thinking (creative & critical thinking)

  • Independence
  • Documenting
  • Problem solving


The knowledge organisers provide a summary of the key areas of learning and how they are taught in each year group including progression within each concept.

Click link for EYFS Science Knowledge Organisers