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What is Numbots?

Numbots is an Online Learning Platform that has been specifically designed to support your child’s addition and subtraction skills.


The online game is separated into two game sections:

Story Mode = Children work their way through different stages completing questions within each level. They will see different diagrams, shapes and question styles. They must achieve two stars on each level to qualify to move on.

Challenge Mode = Children can complete whichever ‘challenge’ they want to work on developing their speed and accuracy and trying to beat their highest score each time.


Playing little and often (we suggest a minimum of 2x per week for 10-15 minutes) will significantly improve your child’s recall and understanding of number bonds and addition and subtraction facts, which are critical foundations in Maths.

We have a REWARD SYSTEM in place to encourage our children to use Numbots. They will need to be in ‘Story Mode’ and they get rewarded prizes as they move through the levels.

They have a Numbots Tracker in their Reading Records (along with their username and password) to help them to record their successes and track their progress.