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Physical Education (PE)


P.E is taught at Brookfield by class teachers and a PE teacher who covers PPA time (1 session per class).  Each year children consolidate learnt skills and learn new skills. Please see the curriculum overview below to find out which areas each year group cover across the year.  


The children are assessed every term according to the assessment criteria for each unit of work. The children are assessed in the form of gold, silver and bronze. If children achieve bronze by the end of the lesson they have completed skills to a basic level, silver to a good level or gold to a high level. Children are encouraged to self-assess, deciding how well they have executed different skills and activities during each lesson. They build confidence within this as they move further up the school.


We do of course celebrate our P.E during sports day in the Summer as well as prompting P.E skills in different after school clubs (information on this years clubs to come soon!) and we also encourage children to be active during playtimes, where they have access to various sports equipment to play with and enjoy with their friends.   



Brookfield Sports Council

Brookfield Infant School took part in a Sports Competition at the end of January 2020!


Pop over to our gallery page to see the pictures! :) 


PE post covid-19


Below, in the curriculum overview, you can see which unit of work the children are working on across their year group. Due to covid-19 we have been deciding units of work on a termly basis, rather than having a yearly overview - this is because at the moment we wanted to pick different units of work for different year groups to ensure that specific equipment is only used by children in the same bubble. If there are terms where year groups are sharing equipment, we ensure equipment is cleaned and wiped down after use to keep children as safe as possible. 


PE sessions have started to be held inside the hall now but as we move into the Spring children will have PE outside more frequently.


Children across all year groups have also started running their mile a day throughout the week! :)





EYFS PE sessions - Gymnastics

Year 1 PE sessions - Gymnastics and Dance