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A summary of the key knowledge and skills that the children will be taught within each area of Maths.

For EYFS Maths Knowledge Organisers please see The EYFS Class Page.

What does Maths look like at Brookfield?

Maths is taught every day at Brookfield. Children receive one formal lesson each day as well as Maths skills being woven in throughout the day in songs, rhymes and cross curricular activities.


We aim to use a variety of practical, visual, auditory and written methods of teaching, whilst also encouraging children to explore and problem solve Maths for themselves.

We develop the children’s reasoning skills by providing them with opportunities to apply and ‘master’ the skills they have learnt in a variety of real life problems, deepening their understanding as well as encouraging them to explain ‘how they know’.


To help aid our children’s Mental Maths they work their way through a series of Maths Challenges. These are short 5 minute timed challenges that move from number bonds through to times tables.

Our Calculations Framework

All of these methods are introduced slowly and over time and the children always have access to practical resources which we encourage them to use alongside their formal written methods.


How can you support your child's maths at home?

  • Maths is everywhere so TALK about it – Purposeful Maths Talk is essential for children to develop secure maths understanding.
  • Allow your children to be part of everyday Maths like helping you to measure during cooking and baking, use real money when paying for things or discuss the time.
  • Children in Year 1 and 2 start a weekly ‘Maths Challenge’ which is sent home. Practise similar questions to prepare and help your child.
  • Immerse your child in our two-weekly homework tasks some of which will have a Maths focus.

Our Maths Challenge

Children start in Year 1 on the Number Bond Tasks and work their way through the different challenges. Children are rewarded with certificates and proudly display their photographs as they achieve.

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