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We have recently reviewed and developed our curriculum provision and pages, including making our own curriculum progressions documents that fully align with the aims of the National Curriculum. Whilst we move any remaining relevant information over to these pages, these curriculum pages will need to remain live - but please be aware that they are not current. 


For our current up to date pages, please click the link below.

 Curriculum Intent


Our curriculum is driven by the need to prepare our children for lifelong learning.  At Brookfield, our intent is to offer a hands-on, vibrant learning experience which is ambitious for all learners.  We want our pupils to develop the essential knowledge, vocabulary, skills and understanding which are the building blocks for KS2 and beyond, ready for life long success.  At Brookfield we understand our pupils’ needs and their cultural capital which helps us create a bespoke curriculum for our little people. We know our pupils learn best through immersive learning, real-life experiences and a language-rich environment.

It is our ambition to ensure each child has a learning environment which best supports their needs, making adaptions where appropriate to ensure every child succeeds and has access to a broad & balanced curriculum.  Our intent is that children can explore, think critically and are motivated learners. These are brought together through our skills-based planning approach, as seen below.

Our curriculum is further enhanced through British Values and a nurturing, whole school ethos. Our children will grow into resilient, confident, caring individuals, who understand the importance of kindness, relationships, making mistakes and who are eager for lifelong learning.


Our skills-based approach to planning & learning can be seen below. This helps develop children as proactive learners. The skills are interwoven throughout the whole school curriculum and follow children through into Brookfield Junior School.


Engagement (play and exploring)

  • Exploration
  • Connecting ideas
  • Observing & discovering


Motivation (active learning)

  • Involvement
  • Resilience
  • Focus


Thinking (creative & thinking critically)

  • Independence
  • Documenting
  • Problem solving


In each subject sub-page below you will find termly Knowledge Organisers which break down the learning children do in each subject, year group and term. You will also find curriculum grids which inform teacher’s assessments of the children.