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At Brookfield we have a skills based approach to learning. We do this by addressing the different subjects through termly topics, getting hands on and involved! KS1 share topics on a 2 year rotation which means children can work more collaboratively and share their learning with other year groups. It also allows teachers to share planning idea and work together to provide inspiring whole school experiences for our children. The staff have thought through each topic carefully to engage and inspire children in their learning. An over view of what is covered in each of our subject areas can be found below. Extra content and support can be found in the links/ addition documents section and will help you support your child with their learning.


Want to find out more?

You can always ask your class teacher about the curriculum your child is learning. They will be happy to give you more information.

Topic Webs. The teachers have carefully planned a rough outline for a 2 year rotation of topic based learning (based on the New Curriculum). These topic webs show how each subject links in with the different topics across a 2 year time frame.