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At Brookfield we have a skills based approach to learning. We take a 'topic' termly and integrate the following skills into the teaching and learning of different subjects. This helps develop children as proactive learners. These skills are displayed around the school and children will become more familiar with them as their move through the years and continue into the junior school.

Engagement (play and exploring)

  • Exploration
  • Connecting ideas
  • Observing & discovering

Motivation (active learning)

  • Involvement
  • Resilience
  • Focus

Thinking (creative & thinking critically)

  • Independence
  • Documenting
  • Problem solving

In each subject sub-page below you will find termly Knowledge Organisers which break down the learning children do in each subject, year group and term. You will also find curriculum grids which inform teacher’s assessments of the children.


Topic Webs. The teachers have carefully planned a rough outline for a 2 year rotation of topic based learning (based on the New Curriculum). These topic webs show how each subject links in with the different topics across a 2 year time frame.