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Infant & Junior School Uniform


School uniform is so important to establish a sense of community among our children, our staff, parents and also the community. It is something that should be worn with pride - we are immensely proud of your children and hope that the feeling is reciprocated.


Wearing a uniform also sets a boundary by placing a pupil in a ‘working environment’ mindset and helps them separate their home and school life. It places children on a level playing field, reducing the pressure to wear the latest fashionable brands.


With this said, at the Flourish Federation, we like to think that we are realistic about school uniform and the demands on parents; the most important thing is that your child is at school.


We are wholly supportive where there is a need and will always seek to help a family who are struggling to provide the right clothing - please feel free to ask, either in person or confidentially via the contact form below. Every situation is unique and, if you are having difficulties, please don't be too proud to ask for help - everyone needs it in some way and at some point.


Our branded uniform is available from Pages Schoolwear - please click on the links below for purchasing and further details. 



Brookfield Infant School Uniform


Brookfield Junior School Uniform



  or visit their shop located at:

   Pages Schoolwear LTD

                                                            Unit 7-8, Granada House 

                                                                Lower Stone Street


                                                                     ME15 6JR 


or call on:


Telephone:   01622 753900



We encourage all clothing to have name labels and these are fantastic and easy to apply:


Name Labels - Stikins - For every pack ordered the school will receive commission - Don't forget to use our school code: 2927



If you require support with School uniform, please contact Gabby via the form below