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Year 1 - Elephants & Sea Turtles

​​​​​​Welcome to Elephant & Sea Turtle Classes

Term 1


Topic this term = Nocturnal Animals


Nocturnal Animals is a great topic to engage the children in their learning. Lots of these animals are in our natural environment and we might even be able to see signs of them (dens, burrows, footprints etc).

Can you look out for signs on your walks to the park?



We will be using these books, which have links to nocturnal animals to interest children in writing in different ways. We will be focusing on the basics during Term 1; letter formation, finger spaces, letters on the line, hearing sounds in words and writing some diagraphs.


We will securing an understanding of numbers to 10 and beginning to move onto to work with numbers to 20. We are thinking about ordering and comparing numbers and as well as using part-whole models and tens frames to help us understand and explain addition and subtraction.


See our Knowledge Organisers and other documents below for more information about how you could help at home:

Topic (All other subjects):

We will focus on mainly Science learning this term developing our vocabulary when describing animals (carnivore, herbivore, omnivore). The children have tried hard to use this language we worked together as teams to organise nocturnal animals.


With Autumn changes happening all around us, can you talk with your child about what happens during this season? Take a walk through the crispy, crunchy leaves and collect signs of Autumn. Understanding Seasonal change is an important part of the Year 1 curriclum.