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Year 1 - Elephants & Sea Turtles

​​​​​​Welcome to Elephant & Sea Turtle Classes

Term 5

This  term we are continuing with Fantasy and moving on to 'In the Garden towards the end of the term.


In English: We will be continuing on the theme of dragons, writing more 's' stories, letter writing and  a character description. we will be focussing on extending our sentences using conjunctions, using interesting adjectives & verbs and of course spelling and punctuation. Weekly plans have links to common exception words we are practising using our sirlinkalot app during that week.



In Maths : We are continuing to practise counting in 2,5, & 10 and looking at measuring capacity before moving onto multiplication & division. See Year 1 maths knowledge organiser for curriculum expectations.

Topic  In our topic lessons we will be doing lots of exciting activities.  Geography/ History- During 'around the world week' we will be looking at life in India comparing it to the U.K. We will be looking at castles and thinking about how where and why they were built. Art /DT We will make and decorate our own dragon eggs. Later in term 5 we begin to look at plants in Science, thinking about the various parts of a plant and their functions. In computing we will be making our own ebooks using our stories we wrote in English. In R.E. we will focus on Christianity (sacred places) and Hinduism. The P.E focus for this term is Athletics.


Please see relevant knowledge organisers on our curriculum pages for more information

Term 4


Next term we will be continuing with our topic of 'Explorers' and moving on to 'Fantasy'


In English: We will begin with writing Poetry this term to help secure our knowledge of adjectives and verbs. Towards the end of the term we will focus on Instructions (How to fly like a dragon and How to trap a dragon).

What are nouns, adjectives and verbs? Find out here: Grammar - KS1 English - BBC Bitesize 

In Maths: We will begin with consolidating our counting in 2s and 5s and then moving onto learn how to measure length, height, weight and capacity.

Want to know more and find out about the expectations for your child? Check out the Knowledge Organiser below:

Term 3

What a strange Term this has been! Thank you for your amazing support at home, there has been some fantastic learning going on! 


Our Topic this term has been: EXPLORERS

English - In English, have explored Poetry, Instruction Writing and have spent a lot of time practicing writing stories. We have thought about what Pirates get up to exploring the Oceans, adventures of some silly aliens who end up exploring and confusing Earth for other planets and we have even learnt about REAL explorers like Neil Armstrong, who explored the moon!


Maths - In Maths, we have been practicing to add and subtract and have moved on to understanding numbers beyond 20. We will be focusing on understanding how the number is made and using the language of tens and ones to explain it (this is called Place Value).


Topic - We have been explorers ourselves and have found out about the season of Winter in Science as well as investigating sinking and floating when we made pirate ships. We have began to understand the Geography of our world and have looked at World Maps to find out who the explorer Christopher Columbus was and what he discovered. Some of us can even locate the UK on the world map. We LOVED learning about Space and exploring the different planets. 


Have a look at some of our learning in school and at home:

Term 2

In Term 2 our topic is Toys. We are learning about the history of toys and comparing old toys to the modern day ones. We will be thinking about how toys have changed through the years. We will be using stories such as 'Dogger' & 'Old Bear' as inspiration for English as well as fact writing linked to the history of toys. 


We will be linking our Plan, Do and Review challenges to cover areas of the Year 1 curriculum eg.  in Science we will look at what materials toys are made from,  and of course designing/making our own toys using Art/DT skills. 

As well as focusing on toys, we will be learning about important events in History such as Bonfire Night, Remembrance Day & of course Christmas!

In Maths this term we will be focusing on addition and subtraction skills for number up to 20.