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Turkey Earthquake Appeal 2023

Thank you letter from Turkey


Dear students, teachers, parents and personnel of Brookfield Infant & Junior School,


We have recently gone through an enormous loss caused by a devastating earthquake that hit 10 different cities of our country. I am fully appreciated for all the support that you granted us during this heartbreaking time. I can assure you that I did my best to use your precious support in the most correct way. I would also love to forward the gratitude of the institutions to you, they helped me a lot to reach out to families that fell victim.


We provided 38 children of ours with clothing support by means of the Söz Ver Association.


Many earthquake victims have escaped from the affected zone and taken shelter in the Cumhuriyet Street in Istanbul. We have provided them with food, clean clothes, diaper, and baby food. Our local government representative Süleyman Çiçek and his daughter Aslı Çiçek guided us to reach out to the families in need. They also send their appreciation to you.


We have met the needs of a pregnant woman living in Hatay. 


I would like to express all my prayers and good wishes to all the earthquake victims once more.


Lastly, I wish for a world where no single child would shed tears, no single person would end up without house, food, water from now on.


Best wishes,

Özden Kaymak

Turkey Earthquake 2023