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Term 5

This term we thought about our favourite areas of the curriculum and all chose a subject (or two) that we would take more of an interest in.  We want to find out what our peers think of the different subjects we learn so we have developed a set of questions that we are going to use to ask children.  We will then meet with the subject leaders to tell them what children think of their subjects and see what we can do to make the learning even better!

Pupil Voice questions

  1. What are you learning in…?
  2. Do you think your lessons are fun?
  3. Why do you/don’t you enjoy your… lesson?
  4. What is your favourite part of the lesson and why?
  5. What else would you like to learn in….)
  6. How could the teachers make your lessons even more fun and engaging?
  7. Do you think you are successful in … lesson?  How do you know?
  8. Are there any other subjects you would like to learn in school?
  9. Would you like to do more outdoor learning in the summer?
  10. Would you like any subject themed days?  What sort of days?


Term 4


This term we thought about the different zones we have in the school and how we could implement the values we follow in school to make these areas safe.   We didn't want to make them rules but values to follow using the language we have learnt through the values to help us.  Watch this space to see if your values are made into signs for each zone.

Term 3


Letters from Albania

We received letters from Albania to thank Brookfield for the donations we had made to them.  The Curriculum Council were lucky enough to be the ones chosen to write back to them.


We liked hearing what their school life was like and we told them a little bit about school life in Brookfield.


Term 2

New Postcards!

The Curriculum Council was chosen to choose some new designs for postcards that we send out to children who have been a class star during the week.  We all love getting these postcards sent home but it was time for a new design.  The Curriculum Council sent out a letter asking all children to design a new postcard that would best represent our school.  We had quite a few entries so our Term 2 council meeting was to select a new design from LKS2 and UKS 2.  Mr South then got these made into postacards.  See our choice of designs!


UKS winner



LKS winner



Term 1 The Cool Curriculum Council