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Curriculum Council

Some of our postcard designs.

Term 6

Week 1

We met in The Hive and enjoyed biscuits to get our brains going!  We submitted our postcard designs to Mr South.

We then thought about areas of responsibility that Curriculum Councillors could have in September.

We are going to meet again next week and finalise our letters to send to businesses to try and get some funds for new ipads!  Watch this space...

Term 5

We met in our new council space today along with The Well-Being Council.  It is called The Hive.  We have new tables that join together, a little bit like a bee hive.  And we think the name of the space is about our minds being a hive of information!


We discussed ideas for the DOJO shop to give children a wider choice of prizes.  Our best idea being a slush puppy machine!


We are going to design a new celebration to follow!


And we thought about a 'Luxury Lunch' for winners from a Friday's assembly.

Term 4


This term we carried out pupil voice amongst all children in the juniors.  We asked them about individual lessons.  What they liked and what they didn't like.  How their lessons could be more engaging, what additional lessons they might like and any resources that they thought worked or didn't work to help them to learn. 

Our findings are below:

  • Children enjoy their lessons
  • children would like different languages other than French to learn.
  • Outdoor lessons would be good where possible.
  • The ipads and laptops make Computing lessons and other lessons where research is needed difficult as we cannot get a whole class on the at once.
  • Favourite lesson was maths
  • They would like to do RE and RSE in their own books so they can take pride with their work.
  • They would like plastic covers on their books to keep them looking nice
  • Forest School and swimming should be for all year groups.


Term 3


This term, we brainstormed ways that we could raise money to buy our Shaun the Sheep back from HOKH.

We would like to see him displayed outside our front door.

The ways we could raise money are:

  • Dress up as a sheep day, either in black and white clothes or as an actual sheep!
  • Cake sale run by the curriculum council
  • making Shaun badges to sell
  • A sponsored baa-a-thon (idea yet undeveloped!:)


Term 2

We wrote to a number of different organisations to see if we could try and raise some money for some new ICT equipment, specifically a trolley of ipads for each year group.


We thought about local businesses and other companies that might be able to supply us with computers.  We have our fingers crossed!


We also asked Mr South if we could have a board for the school council to show what we are working on and the progress we are making towards that goal.  He said yes!


Term 1

We are really proud to be the new School Curriculum Council.  We met each other and talked about what we like and dislike about the subjects in school.  We divided up the subjects amongst ourselves, depending on our strengths and we are going to ask the teachers if we can join them in their subject release time to see what they do as Subject Leaders.  We could then help them if they need any pupil voice or any children's ideas on subjects.